Simple Community: Building Strong Friendships in Real Life•ep 123

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The original group chat was a coffee klatch. Nowadays though most conversations are in an online space. And it has become one dimensional. So much is lost in the translation without eye contact, real-life connection, and physical presence.

Today I want to talk about how technology has changed (and complicated) our relationships. On my quest to build a real and authentic community that is centered on godly relationships, I am sharing about my own struggle with too much tech and not enough real life. I am too quick to text, email, and comment, but not reach out in real life as often. And things often become more complicated when we isolate or keep our distance.

I want to challenge you to simplify your life by going back to the way relationships used to be- stop over a friends house, meet up for lunch, or gather around the kitchen table for some good conversation. Pray together. Share together. Live lives that are for Christ together.

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