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Homeschooling High School: Keeping It Simple • ep 119

I have been asked about homeschooling high school so many times, so today I am addressing the topic…with the caveat that I am NOT the expert and I will never proclaim my way is the way to go! This is merely OUR experience with homeschooling high school and I am learning along the way. Having one graduating this year, and three more behind, there will be more to learn 😉

The most important thing to do in homeschooling high school is to PRAY- seek the Lord in all you do, and you will succeed. I never, ever, thought we would homeschool high school, and here we are with two college acceptances under our belt. But even without those, my goals have always been to raise an adult who loves the Lord wholeheartedly and seeks His will.

Our journey has never been about achieving the perfect test score, scholarship, or college acceptance, but to raise our children to be disciples of Christ.

You’re not developing a transcript. You’re developing a person. Focus on who your child is, not just a paper credential.

I am addressing a bit about the “how to’s” but mostly the heart of the matter- we don’t have to over complicate things and we don’t have to stress. God is in control!

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