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An Answered Prayer- Eight Years in the Making

This is a story that begins about eight years ago when a little girl asked us for a dog. 

At that time she did all the research,  put together a power point presentation, and presented her case to us on why we should get a dog. Unfortunately, at the time we just couldn’t say yes. We were living in a different house, in a different time of our lives, with lots of littles underfoot. The thought and expense of a dog was just not something we thought we could handle at the time.

Ever since, she has continued year after year to ask about a dog, and ever since the answer has been no.

When we moved to our little hobby farm four years ago, the answer still remained the same, even though so many people said, “Now you NEED a dog!”

Over the past four years, that little girl, now growing into a young lady, watched us bring chickens, and more recently goats to the property. She didn’t understand why we couldn’t have a dog, but she also honored our decision and submitted to that.

We explained that the outdoor animals were different than bringing an indoor pet. We had many, many reasons, and we just said it wasn’t the time.

However, probably about a year ago, I told her the ONLY way she would get a dog is if one SHOWED UP at our home, fully trained, and fully perfect for us.

I said, “If God brings us a dog, then we will get a dog.”

Now, in full transparency, I never expected God to bring us a dog.  😉

However, here is the plot twist. God was already working out the details, long before I told her the above.

Just about three years ago, my darling father-in-law passed away. At the lunch after following the funeral, my mother in law introduced me to a woman named Susan. She told her about my ministry at Simply Living for Him, and how I homeschool, etc. Shortly after that day, I remember seeing Susan’s name pop up on my facebook page and she would often write comments and such. I always smiled and remembered meeting her.

Fast forward, to a few weeks ago, when after posting my umpteenth post about my son and his goats, I saw this comment from Susan:

“Need a shepherd dog for your farm?” 

At first, I thought, NO. We had said numerous times we would not get a dog. But, something in me made me respond that we had thought about it many times. And when she wrote that it was her beloved dog, and they were looking for a good home because they will be moving, and her husband and my father-in-law were actually cousins, something stirred in me. Upon further discussion, we found out he was fully trained and a very good dog.

I messaged Steve and thought, “Well, he will say no and then I can say no.” But he didn’t. He and I both agreed to pray about it and see how God would lead us.

Now, I was FULLY surrendered to God on this. I couldn’t logically reconcile an answer either way. So, a week later we invited Susan, her husband, and Kypp over for a meet and greet. Needless to say, the kids fell in love, as did all of us.

After our visit, I sat in awe. We had told Grace that if God brought us a dog, we would get a dog. And here we were, with one that was better than we could ever have asked for. And from a relative of my father-in-law. How could I say no?

And the other part is…Susan had been praying too. Praying for a good home for Kypp. When she saw Simply Living for Him come across her facebook…she reached out. She knew our kids would love on him!

So they prayed and we prayed…and God orchestrated it all.

After discussion and prayerful consideration, we agreed. 

Grace actually cried. Tears of joy. Her prayer had been answered after all these years.

And the next day, Ethan had to write a paragraph for school, and he wrote, “I know God is real because of Kypp.” He went on to write about how God answered this prayer in such a way that it could only be explained that it was God!

We have all been in awe that this whole situation worked out for us and for Kypp.

Yesterday, he arrived at our home. We are all in love. I promise not to inundate this page with too many photos (you know…like I do with the goats and chickens!) but really…look at this face!

Welcome to Love’s Farm, Kypp. May you enjoy this place filled with God’s love and Creation, just as we do. And you will always remind us, that God answers prayers. In His timing. For His purposes.


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