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Building a House Vs. Building a Home • Podcast 64


In a media-saturated culture, it is very easy to focus on making a house that looks picture-perfect.

The amount of time and energy spent on making things “look” perfect is astounding.  Yet none of those things will go with us into eternity. We need to be investing our time, focus, and energy on what goes on inside those four walls of that house and building our family first. Relationships matter into eternity and material possessions will perish.

I would rather people come to my house and not remember the decor, but remember that they encountered Jesus.

Today I am talking about if we are building a house or a home. Is our focus, time, and thoughts on the people inside the four walls of our home or on the way that house looks?

The most beautiful part of a home, is when it is filled with Jesus.

Join me and comment below to continue the discussion.

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