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Keeping it Real. My Journey to the Present. What You See Now is Not Who I Used to Be • Podcast Ep 55

Today I am doing something a little different on the podcast. I sat down with no notes or agenda, but asked the Holy Spirit to lead me in what to say. And today is the day He wanted me to share the truth.

I often say that if you know me now, but didn’t know me 20 years ago, it is like walking in half way through a movie, and you’re at the part in the movie where the story has turned around, and you’re heading toward the happy ending. But I wrestle. I have struggled with God because I want to to be 100% real and authentic with people in my life (especially folks who only see a “snippet” of me in Internet-land) but I also don’t want to relive the past or share some of the awful nitty-gritty details.

 So today, I am keeping it real and letting you know that there is a huge redemption story behind what you see. When you see pretty pictures on Instagram or hear a touching story about what my hubby did for me that day, it’s because I can’t help but see God’s power in every moment. Because my life is a living testimony of redemption. If He can redeem me, then there is hope for anyone.

And when you think I have it all together, know that I was broken into a million pieces, and HE holds me together now.

Listen in as I share how God shined a light in the dark places in my life and I will only give Him the glory in every breath I take for the rest of my life, and into eternity.

This summer let us celebrate simple, spiritually refresh, and unplug even for a bit…refresh, renew, and refocus.

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