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What We Have Learned in Four Years as a Work-at-Home Family• Podcast Ep 44

Life as a Work-at-Home Family


Today Steve and I are talking together about what we have learned in the past four years as a work-at-home family. It’s always fun to have Steve as a guest!

Between Steve’s graphic design business, my writing and speaking ministry, and running a hobby farm ministry, we have jumped into life where the whole family is all in!

We talk about spiritual lessons and tackling practical issues ( like insurance and schedules when you are not a disciplined-by-nature scheduler!), plus more!

Listen in as we candidly share our journey and what God is doing in our family, as we do life together as a work-at-home family and where we are storing our treasures.

Links I referred to in this podcast:

—->Steve’s Business: Farmhaus Studios website  

—>Farmhaus Studios Facebook Page

—>Our experience with Samaritan’s Ministries

—->Our hobby farm: Love’s Farm website

—>Love’s Farm Facebook Page

—–>How a Job Loss Changed Our Life Podcast


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