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Podcast Ep. 28 • Our Emotional Attachment to Clutter

Emotions and Clutter


How to Simplify When Stuff Means Something

Is your clutter weighing you down, but you feel like the emotions tied to it are too strong to let it go?

If you are hanging on to things because of an emotional attachment then it may be time to evaluate. Are you letting your past clutter up your present? Are you trying to hang on to a feeling of the past, while it hinders your present or even your future?

You can have an emotion and a memory without hanging onto every single thing from the past.

We can’t get caught up in stealing from our future or even our present because we are holding on to clutter from the past. 

We have JOY in the present and we have a future glory to look forward to. Enjoy the memories without cluttering up your life now.

Listen in as I talk about the sometimes delicate topic of emotional attachments to our clutter.

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