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Passover, Easter, and Spring Cleaning-Inside and Out

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We are studying Exodus in our Bible studies at home, and by God’s divine grace we are at the Passover…which also “happens” to begin this week. Isn’t God amazing? I love how He orders our steps and lines thing up just right.

Today we began reading from this book…A Christian Passover Seder and it is incredible. I am in awe of the Lord and how Passover is such a beautiful picture of Jesus. It is amazing how Jesus was present in the Passover meal in the Old Testament, long before Jesus walked this earth. Truly amazing.

While we just love learning about the symbols of Passover and how they directly relate to Jesus, one thing that really struck me today was the leaven. The Jews were to rid their homes of all leaven the week before Passover, symbolizing the fact that God has instructed them to not use any leaven before the Israelites escaped Egypt- to be prepared to leave at any moment. The leaven also represents sin, and how we are to rid ourselves of sin.

Did you know that Spring cleaning may have originated from this Jewish tradition? Spring cleaning can rid our homes of dirt, but we can also take it further to rid ourselves of sin. We can clean inside and out.

Oh, do I love Spring cleaning. Purging out the dust and clutter from winter and making things fresh. I like to declutter and open up the windows and prepare for Spring. The time of new birth. Oh, and so symbolic of the Christian walk, of Passover, of Jesus. Amazing!

I also think it is such a beautiful time of cleaning inside as well. We can declutter our minds and what we have been putting into them. Taking all thoughts captive and focusing on the One that can clean us inside and out.

Passover, Easter, Spring…all amazing times of reflection, rebirth, and renewal.

Share below ways you are Spring cleaning inside and out! I’d love to hear!

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