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Help for Hurricane Sandy

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As you know, my state was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy last month. People’s lives are forever changed. Homes lost, towns, destroyed, lives in disarray.

While we had some inconveniences for two weeks, it was nothing compared to what so many are going through. As a family dealing with a job loss, we know our Christmas season will be different this year. Not having a secure financial future makes things feel different. So I can relate to those families who will have a very different holiday this year.

Yet thankfully we know the Truth and know Christmas is so much more than the material, so we can still focus on the most meaningful reason for this season.  The meaning of Christmas is about the true gift that came from our Lord. Jesus. Praise Be to God for that gift!

A dear reader recently contacted me about helping a family in NJ. We actually have a friend who lost his home and business, and she generously offered to collect donations for him in lieu of gifts for her 40th birthday. 

Because that is what the hands of feet of Jesus do. Amen.

Now I have an opportunity to share with all of you another way to help!  Another dear reader contacted me with needs for her community in need. Below is a copy of an email I received. Please prayerfully consider how you can help, even if it is by prayer alone.

“Our church New Beginnings Christian Church has set up a fund this website: It will give you a very good idea of the needs and that monetary donations are wonderful in that they can be used to buy pallets of food that are desperately needed for the community pantry, though they will take donations of dry food, canned vegetables. They will also take clothing donations, but food is the major issue. Our pantry normally helps to feed approximately 850 families per month, but the demand has increased dramatically since the hurricane. 66 new families signed up for help on one single day! There’s not enough volunteers (or food donations) to adequately meet the intense demand of either our church pantry, or the many relief organizations and churches that have stepped up to the plate. It’s been overwhelming for them all.
The needs are great throughout the entire shore area and this relief effort will be needed for many months to come. There are so many families displaced, rendered virtually homeless, and people suffering after their homes, businesses, rental homes, and dreams have been scattered due to Sandy. People truly don’t understand the disruption of lives that has occurred since the storm.”

The Body of Christ in action is a beautiful thing. I am honored to be a part of it, especially when I see people genuinely from their hearts wanting to help those in need. At our church, just upon hearing of our friend who lost his home and business, we had a woman write a check for him, and men ready and willing to go rebuild his business and home. As soon as he is ready, they will go.

I am extremely grateful for brothers and sisters in Christ and the love from them is truly God’s love pouring through them.

Carry each other’s burdens, 
and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

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