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Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends…

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends: How to Fight the Good Fight at Home  -              By: Grace Mally, Stephen Mally, Sarah Mally

I just started the book “Making Brothers and Sister Best Friends”  which was recommended by a friend.  We are using it for our morning devotional/Bible time.  Today was the first day, and so far I love what this book has to say!

The book is written by three kids!  I believe they are homeschooled.  It is written so all the kids can enjoy listening to it, and there are some funny cartoons and stories to go along.

Now most of the time my kids do get along.  However they sure do have their moments.  Grace and John seem to argue the most.  Grace also has been down at times about being the only girl.  The book right off the bat addresses the issue of complaining about your place in the family or wanting more brothers/sisters, etc.

So far today we read  that the family is God’s plan and satan will do everything he can to destroy a godly family.  We need to be on guard for this.  We also learned family is a blessing to us and God’s gift to us.  We are a team and should not be working against each other.

This book looks amazing and teaches kids how they are truly made to be each other’s best friends.  The world is often filled with the notions that brothers and sister are supposed to argue and not get along.  We should not succumb to that substandard.  God created families to do good things for Him and His purposes.  I am excited to see how this book can change the kids views of each other and how it can benefit our family.

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