colonial christmas unit study

Colonial Christmas Unit Study…Making Hornbooks

Well my camera died yesterday, so I can’t show pictures of the beautiful “hornbooks” the kids made yesterday during our Colonial Christmas Unit study.  I will try to describe them as best as I can.  We learned that since the Pilgrims did not have books, except a copy of the Bible, the children would each have a hornbook.  This was essentially a piece of wood with a handle and on it was parchment paper that was “glued” down.  The paper would have on it written the letters, numbers, The Lords Prayer or some scriptures.  These hornbooks date back centuries before the Pilgrims arrived.  We looked up some pictures online of them and saw some very beautiful ones.  The kids and I cut cardboard, attached a craft stick to the end, and then on manilla cutouts wrote the alphabet, and different scriptures of each child’s choosing.  John chose John 3:16, Luke  chose Psalm 23:1-6 and Grace The Lord’s prayer.  The books came out beautifully. Hopefully I can get a picture up soon.

Not having books really made me think.  We take these things so much for granted. I have more books than we can fit in our house: kids books, grown up books, etc.  I love books.  To not be able to have them is something we never think about.  Another thing to really admire about the Pilgrims.  They had one copy of the Bible for each family, a treasure I am sure.  Again something we take for granted.  We have several copies of the Bible in our home..a marriage Bible, a Women’s devotional Bible, Grace has her own, Luke his own, and John his own.  Each a  different version.  Steve has a men’s devotional Bible, we have another Bible from when I first became a Christian., and then I have my study Bible that I use for daily reading.   I’ve been eyeing up a “Parallel” Bible that shows up to 4 translations at once for studying…geesh!! We have sooooo many.  I bet those Pilgrims really treasure that one book they had: The Bible.  It will make me think each time I go to read my Bible, just how blessed we are.

Today we are going to look some more at Colonial Christmas, listening to Handel’s Messiah.  Then we will make some fudge that we will give out to family and friends for Christmas….looking forward to a fun day at home.

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