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Slowing Down. What I Learned From My Percolator

Slow Down and Enjoy the Simple.

You all know I love my coffee. I can’t help myself. I love it.

Every morning Steve brings me my coffee to wake me up and usually throughout the day I have a few more cups. Of course, a few years back when the Keurig came out, it was my new best friend. A yummy cup of coffee in just seconds? Woohoo!

But a few weeks ago, I wanted to use my percolator again. I had hardly ever used it– only Steve tried it a few times. And those little K-cups are expensive, plus all that plastic from the K-Cups- bleh!

So, I decided to try and use the percolator.

As I sat waiting for that yummy coffee to perk, it actually felt so good to wait.

Huh? Wait?

In our day and age, who wants to wait? We are taught to do things as quickly as possible, to make things instantaneous, and to rush to the next thing.

But here I was waiting. It slowed me down. It gave me perspective.

Yup. All while waiting for a cup of coffee.

I thought about how it was sort of nice to slowly perk the coffee. To anticipate that nice afternoon cup of coffee. And to sort of get back to the basics. (I may have had a “Ma” moment! Little House on the Prairie fans-you get me! 😉 )

Anyway, sometimes the hustle and bustle of our world has become so normal we forget, it really isn’t normal.

Sometimes God wants us in seasons of waiting. They may last much longer than we desire, but they are always for our good.

And in the waiting is where we find the blessing. We anticipate, we ponder, we find time to pray. 

We linger. We experience the moment without rushing through it.

It’s ok to wait.

A simple cup of afternoon coffee, brewed the old fashioned way. It made me stop and slow down. It made me think back to when this was the normal way to make a cup of coffee. It made me realize faster and new and improved is not always better. Because we all know the price that comes with those instant K-cups- monetarily and possible health-wise.

So, now every afternoon, I enjoy my percolated coffee. I can’t wait to have a friend over, so instead of handing them that little plastic cup, offering them to sit a bit and wait with me for that cup of coffee. As we slow down, enjoy the simple, and linger in the moment.

And truth be told. That percolated cup of coffee was delightful- it was so much better tasting than my K-cup coffee. 

Yes, taking time to do things the old fashioned way sure is worth it.

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Simple Homeschool: Weed Out the Distractions and Focus on What is Important • Podcast Ep. 62

Today I am talking about ways to keep it simple in your homeschool. Let’s weed out the distractions that keep us from what is most important.

Join me as I talk about my own experiences in the early years, and how we turn off the noise of the world to focus on our family and purpose.


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Get My NEW Book!


Now Available in Spanish!

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We Are Off to a Good Start

Well, another school year has begun. This is our 12th year of homeschooling, and as many of you know, our early years were quite an adjustment. You can listen to my podcast episode about our beginnings here or read about it in my book.

It has been a really good start for our homeschool. We slowly transitioned from the end of August to the first few weeks of September, with no real “first day” of school. I enjoyed the natural process of just easing into a new routine, rather than a concise stop of summer and start of school!

The mornings are cool, and the afternoons are still a bit warm so we are taking every opportunity to be outdoors while we can. We’ve spent time in our woods and riding bikes and skateboards.

Exciting news! My book, Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool has been translated into Spanish and is now available for Kindle! Paperback edition is coming soon!

It was truly a blessing how the whole process happened! I am so grateful for those who believed in the book so much, they volunteered their time to translate and edit the book! God’s people are amazing!

We are also in full blown prayer and preparation for our 2018 Retreat. Early bird registration is now open, so don’t delay in registering! We are filling up quicker than previous years. Secure your spot today!

I am so grateful for the journey I have been on this past decade through homeschooling. It has been about so much more than academics. Homeschooling has provided us a lifestyle for us that is such a blessing, and God has taught our family so much on this journey.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the NCHE Thrive Conference in the spring! Our whole family will be heading to Winston- Salem for the event!

I will also be speaking in some other locations in the spring and will be sharing those shortly!

Here are some snippets of life around here this late summer/pre-autumn. Follow along on Instagram to see lots of snippets of life out here on Love’s Farm!

Walks in the woods.

My love.

Tha family <3