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BIG Announcement!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to announce that our SLFH Retreat tickets are being offered at a LOWER PRICE!

Yes, you read that right. We are actually slashing the price so that MORE ladies can attend!

As many of you know, this is a ministry and we try to keep the cost as low as possible, but we need to cover the cost of the venue, food, and other details. Not to mention the thousands of hours put into the retreat planning.

However, I have been praying for a while to find a way to offer the retreat at a lower rate so it is an option for more women to be a part of this extraordinary event!

**And God answered. Because of some amazing sponsors, we are able to cut the cost of the retreat ticket!**

Right now the cost of a full price retreat ticket is $129 (and early birds snagged them at $99)

*Yet, we are thrilled to announce, you can join us at the SLFH Retreat for just $79.90!! *

We are also changing the ticket to include your catered lunch and Saturday morning continental breakfast as OPTIONAL.**

In the past, food cost was one of the biggest factors in the price, so we are giving YOU the option. If you want to be able to enjoy the retreat for a budget, you do not have to include the meals! You can get a retreat only ticket for $59.95. If you do want to add the meals we will add on catered lunch and breakfast for $29.95 PLUS take an extra $10 off the retreat ticket, meaning your registration will be $49.95! With meals added on the FULL cost is just $79.90!

This whole decision has been covered in prayer and the entire time I just prayed, “Lord let me be in your will. I will do what you want.”

And remarkably, as days went by and I prayed those prayers, funds showed up from various sponsorships!

I am beyond thrilled and in awe of our amazing God.

And the ladies who have registered already will be getting money BACK! Yup! So don’t worry, if you are already registered, you will be refunded the difference!

**This event is about so much more than the retreat itself.** It is sisters in Christ uniting together and linking arms. Long after the event, we continue to grow our friendships through the retreat private Facebook groups. It is truly a blessing to see the ladies pray for each other, connect daily, and honor God in their walk as authentic sisters in Christ.

**So join us this summer as we rest, restore, renew, and simplify and how we can live knowing that Jesus IS Enough!**


Retreat Registration Lunch and Breakfast Included: $49.95 ($10 off retreat ticket)+$29.95 for two meals = $79.90

(Includes Thursday PM-Saturday AM all sessions, workshops, worship, group times, PLUS Dessert Party Thursday evening PLUS Catered Lunch Fri. and breakfast Sat.)


Retreat Only: $59.95 (Includes Thursday PM-Saturday AM all sessions, workshops, worship, group times, PLUS Dessert Party Thursday evening)

REGISTER NOW! If spaces fill up, we will have to close registration!

Retreat Registration
Enter Full name of attendee
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/>PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! If you are unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket for a minimal fee.


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Hospitality vs. Entertaining. What Can I Do For You? Podcast Ep 69

With Thanksgiving and the Christmas season upon us, we can get very stressed out about making our home perfect for entertaining. But today I am talking about focusing on hospitality and how you make people feel in your home.

The difference between hospitality and entertaining is that one says, “Look what I can do.” The other says, “What can I do for you?”

I have evolved greatly in this area over the years from seeking the perfect home for my guests, to wanting them to simply feel God’s love in my home above all else. There was a time when I wouldn’t dare want someone to stop over unexpectedly because things weren’t perfect, to now opening my home any time any day.

I would rather people leave my home saying, “Karen loves Jesus,” than, “Karen has a perfect home.”

Every time you open your door, you are ministering. Remember that as you prepare to open your home this holiday season.


Read more about hospitality here

Coming next week to the podcast: “Simplify the Holidays.”

This summer, I am hosting a women’s retreat in Gettysburg, PA. In a world of excess, we are going to focus on that fact that Jesus is enough. The world will tell you YOU are enough. But truly, HE is enough. He is all we need. We don’t rely on ourselves, or earthly comforts, but on Him alone.  I have lived with it all stripped away, and I have seen that yes, Jesus is enough. In fact, Jesus is MORE than enough.

Early Bird Registration is Open! Join us for this life changing and life-giving event. You will spend two days with other sisters in Christ, tired of what the world offers, and ready to live the life that HE offers.

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