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You Don’t Need a Farm to Live Simply. Learning to Live Right Where You Are

You don’t need a thing to live simply. That’s the beauty. You don’t need a farm. You don’t need land. You don’t need a tiny house. You don’t need chickens or a garden or a lifestyle change. You need a heart that is willing to let go of things, but how that looks for each of us may be different.

Living simply is a mindset more than a lifestyle. It is chasing after God, and desiring less of what the world offers. When we seek Him more we pursue less “stuff” here on earth.

Last year we bought our property– a small hobby farm. Yes, it has allowed us to live more simply because God has placed the desire in our heart to garden, get back to basics, raise chickens, and enjoy His creation.

Yet that same desire may not be in your heart. You may love the city life or suburbia, or wherever He has placed you. The country life may not be for you.

We can all live simply right where we are. It isn’t about our surroundings, but what we do with where He has placed us.

Smack in the middle of the city and the hustle and bustle you can live simply. You can seek Him wherever you are and choose people over things. You can choose to be a light in the dark. You can choose Him wherever He has placed you.

Seek Him wherever you are. In the country, in the city, in a foreign land. Choose to live with less and desire Him more. Choose to develop relationships over accumulating things. All of that can be done in any setting.

Don’t wait for the perfect time. Start now. Choose to desire God over everything else and see where He leads you.

Living simply is a matter of the heart, not just a choice to have less. It is a desire to do more real things, live intentionally and with purpose, and seek Him above all else.

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Simply...Living For Him

Hope for a Harvest

Three years ago when we moved to this property, we dreamed of being able to share our abundance with others. We wanted a large garden to produce as much as we could in order to give it away. The past few years we have slowly been able to achieve that goal.

The first year we set up a farm stand we were able to give away so much! We had a plentiful harvest that year and each day the kids sat outside with our abundance. It was a great way to connect with others in the community and most importantly, to share God’s love. When people asked why were giving it away for free, we responded that God had blessed us and in turn we wanted to bless others. We know everything we have comes from Him and it’s not really ours anyway. We even printed out little tracts to include in each bag of goodies.

This was our modest little stand 😉 This year we are hoping to build a more sturdy structure.

But still we did the best we could with what he had. We set up the farm stand when we could and hoped to make some more connections in our community. Yet, it still didn’t top the year before.

And isn’t that just how God works? Some years are more plentiful than others. It’s just part of life.


This year I am starting to plan early for our garden. Steve now has the greenhouse set up so that should allow for a much more plentiful harvest.

I am praying that we can use our garden and what He gives us as a way to reach others.

It’s all about Him and sharing His love. I am asking the Lord to use us, in our little corner of the world, for good. And for His glory.

May the harvest we plant his year result in good nourishing food and most importantly, souls reached.

Steve and I will be recording an upcoming podcast episode about how to start a garden. (thanks to a reader for the suggestion!) Even if you’ve never done it before. Even if you have a small piece of property. (If we can learn anyone can! We didn’t grow up in the country and here we are lovin’ life in our little slice of hobby farm heaven.) Be sure to watch for it soon!

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