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Inspiring Family Friendly Documentaries- Zac and Abby Sunderland

We love documentaries in our house. My husband and I watch them often, and recently we have had the privilege of reviewing together as a family these amazing documentaries about some amazing teens!
What an inspiration these movies are for all young people, especially homeschoolers. Intrepid tells the story of Zac Sunderland and Wild Eyes is Abby Sunderland’s story.

Zac and Abby Sunderland have accomplished more in their teen years than many do in a lifetime. Zac was the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. When Zac was 15 he was making some bad choices and his family was praying for him to have a passion for something that would consume him.  God radically answered that prayer by opening the doors for a very grass roots sailing campaign that took him around the world that year.  God used all of the experiences from his life up to that point to prepare him for the trip.  In July of 2009 he became the youngest person (at age 17) to ever sail around the world alone.  He stood before a mass of national and international media and told those gathered that there is a God who answers prayers.  You can read his blog at his web site
We watched these movies that document Zac’s story with video from his actual trip on the edge of our seats. They were exciting to see and we felt like we were part of his adventure! Most importantly, my kids came away inspired. Seeing how a homeschooler was able to accomplish such a huge feat was amazing. That’s the beauty of homeschooling- to be able to pursue a passion uninhibited by a classroom. To be able to pour yourself into your gifts and your talents- the learning opportunities are endless. It is evident by Zac’s feats.

Abby Sunderland also has an amazing story, and in that she set off at 16 to sail around the world.  There were many amazing answers to prayer that led her family to allow her to go and that guided them during her trip.  Half way through her journey, she was hit by a rogue wave in the middle of the Indian Ocean and was dismasted, resulting in a dramatic ocean rescue.  She has used her struggles to point kids to the Lord and to encourage people of all ages not to give up on their dreams and to persevere despite obstacles that they may face.  Abby has a blog at her web site:

Zac and Abby are dyslexic and their early struggles with school are part of what led to their amazing perseverance.  Abby even wrote a book (with a little help!) Simply amazing and a testimony to homeschooling.
I remember hearing about Abby’s story when I first began homeschooling. She was on the news during her ordeal in the Indian Ocean.  I was just a new homeschooler then, scared and hesitant. It’s pretty surreal to now get the chance to be reviewing these movies, and they inspire me to let me children pursue their gifts, their talents, and their interests- to grab hold of the opportunities that homeschooling allows, and to let them be who God has created them to be, and to never doubt that they can achieve great things!

These documentaries are faith-based, family-friendly and inspiring.  They have won several awards at various film festivals including Best Documentary and Best New Director.  
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