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Welcome February!

heart-clip-art.jpgI am so happy it is February! As I mentioned in a previous post, January is one of my least favorite months (sorry January…)  Although this year it didn’t seem so bad.  Usually I get a little cabin fever, and don’t care for the freezing cold or the darkness.  Yet, this year God has renewed in me a new sense of the seasons and a new appreciation for them.  The snow is actually very beautiful.  The cold weather makes for some cozy, bundling up days inside.  The darkness in the evening adds to this coziness.  Now, would I want it to be that way all year long…no! And as much as I love summer, would I want it to be THAT way all year long? NO!  The seasons are created by God, and each of them unique and beautiful.  I love the carefree days of summer, the warmth, the looooong days which means bike riding outside right up until the fireflies come out.  Then it’s chasing fireflies around the yard.  Summer means the beach, lots of yummy fruits and veggies, our garden in full bloom, all that fun stuff!  Then fall has a beauty all it’s own. The beautiful colors, the pumpkins, the crisp cool air.  And Spring is my absolute favorite.  Truly a time of rebirth, the flowers bloom, Resurrection Sunday, the anticipation of summer, going to Luke’s baseball games…it is ALL wonderful!

So as I welcome February, as one step closer to Spring, I am thankful I live in a place where I truly get to experience the beauty of the seasons, and how God has worked each one of them in perfect order.  Each one unique with it’s own purpose.  Without one, we couldn’t have the other.

 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

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