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Simply…Living For Him

Simply...Living For Him

God is Good. In All Things.

Today’s post isn’t really about simplifying or homeschooling or hobby farming or anything like that. Just some thoughts I have had lately that I hope would encourage you in your walk with Jesus…wherever you are.

In the horrific events of the news or in the tragedies of life we see…many times we are spared from catastrophe or death. And we often respond with “Praise the Lord! God is good!’

And He is.

Yet, I often think about this from the other side. When thousands of people perished on September 11th, one of our biggest praises was that my husband was no longer taking the train to NYC that would have arrived in the Trade Center at precisely the time the planes hit. We responded with, “God is so good! He saved you!”

There were many, many similar stories of God preserving someone’s life, sometimes even miraculously.

Yet, what does that say for the thousands that perished that day?

That God isn’t good?
That God didn’t save them?

Hard stuff to think about, but something to truly comprehend.

God is not good because He saved you from disaster. He is always good. Yes, in that moment we feel especially saved from death and that we are blessed with a little more time.

But what if…what if that was the time He didn’t save you from death?

For every person that is saved from death daily, there are just as many others whose time is up.

I know, hard stuff. No one wants to think about it. But not thinking about it doesn’t remove the truth.

First, God is good. Whether He prevents us from disaster or whether He allows it in our life.

And second, we all will come to a time when it will be our turn to die. And God will still be good.

Especially then.

Because it is then, in death, that He truly saves.


When we say, “God saved me!” in response to a near death experience, it is true, for a moment. He gave you more time.

But I can say, “He saved me!” even until death.

Because when my death comes, His true saving grace will begin.

I will spend eternity with Him.

So the truth is, we must come to grips with the after-death and to know true saving. If He has saved you from near death, and you do not know Him as Savior, then yes, He is giving you more time to repent and turn to Him so that you may have lasting salvation.

And if you have been saved from death for the moment, and do know Him as Savior, then He is not done with your earthly purpose yet. Use the time you have for good and to share Jesus with others.

We must remember that for each earthly good thing that happens, there is always someone suffering elsewhere. For every prayer that isn’t answered your way, there is prayer being answered favorably elsewhere. And God is good in all of it.

He is sovereign over every single thing that happens in this world- both good and bad. He has allowed it all for a purpose and for His glory.

So let us remember, that God is good all the time. And He ultimately saves us not just from death itself, but into eternal life.

Simply...Living For Him

Praise the Lord for Filthy Floors

Oh, my, were the floors filthy this morning. Really. Crumbs and stickiness abound. They needed a good deep cleaning and I got down and finally tackled the floors.

As I was cleaning, I reminded myself how much I loved these filthy floors.


Sounds kinda weird, huh?

But let me explain…

These filthy floors represent so much more than a chore. I could easily fret about them or sulk that I was on my hands and knees cleaning them with sweat dripping down my face. But I praised God for these filthy floors.

Filthy floors meant we were filled to the brim with company this week. Folks in and out of the house almost everyday, enjoying fellowship and enjoying each other. Love abounded. And these floors were the result. 

So as I wiped, I praised. (I am also grateful for no-maintenance vinyl that wipes clean. No scrubbing no fuss! Style or not- they are fuss-free! I choose ease over trends any day 😉 )

When we moved to this house we knew we wanted to open our doors to people. Friends, family, strangers. Whomever God brought.

This week we had kids and teens, and families, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, and neighbors.

What more could we ask for?

So my filthy floors were a blessing. A house lived in.

Someday when I go to be with the Lord, He will not ask, were your floors spotless? Did they look like an HGTV home? 

But did you use what I gave you to love on people? Or did you not invite people in because you were afraid of the mess?

The mess will not last forever, but relationships will.

(ps. for all of those who are worried- I am not condoning dirty homes or not washing the floors. I am not promoting laziness and not keeping up your home. I am just changing perspective and praising during the chore. Because yes, I will get emails and comments telling me I am not a good housewife and promoting filth! True story. 😉 HA!!)

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Simply...Living For Him

Embracing The End…Because God is Faithful

I have always, always, always loathed the end of summer…as you all know summer is my favorite. I love the heat, I love the sunshine, the garden, the flowers, yes…even the humidity. (I know, I know…I’m crazy.)

But I just love everything about summer. So about this time of year, as the sun starts to set noticeably earlier just a bit each night, the mornings become a bit cooler, and the stores’ shelves are screaming “back to school,” I usually start to seep into a bit of sadness. Sometimes I get really depressed.

All that we waited for (yes, I wait all year for summer!), all we anticipated…it’s already passing by.

We remark casually,

“Where did summer go?” and,  “It went by so fast!”

Every year we say those same things. I grumble about it all ending and brace myself for the cooler days that will turn into just plain freezing days, and those early dark nights. 

But this year something changed.

As I sat on my deck last night with my littlest guy and we talked about summer coming to an end, I said, 

“You know what? This year I am not sad. I am looking forward to the season change.”

Yes, I almost surprised myself! 

But we continued to talk about the marvelous reality that summer always comes again. As does every season. 

The seasons that change reveal God’s faithfulness to us.

I said to my son,

“The beauty is summer will come back. Just like it always does.”

It’s not like in thousands of years of human history, God has ever said,

“Nope. Summer is cancelled this year.”

We talked about how it’s a beautiful thing to notice the constants in our life that God has ordained because He is the Creator and He is a God of order.

The sun rises every single day and sets every single day. There is never a day that God has said, “Today the sun will not rise.”

And when we look past our own comforts and wants and pleasures and get to know God through every season, it becomes much easier, in fact necessary, to embrace the end…knowing He is faithful.

And we also look ahead knowing, the end is not truly the end…even when this world passes away, He who has promised us eternal life is faithful.



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