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Simply…Living For Him

Simply...Living For Him

Embracing The End…Because God is Faithful

I have always, always, always loathed the end of summer…as you all know summer is my favorite. I love the heat, I love the sunshine, the garden, the flowers, yes…even the humidity. (I know, I know…I’m crazy.)

But I just love everything about summer. So about this time of year, as the sun starts to set noticeably earlier just a bit each night, the mornings become a bit cooler, and the stores’ shelves are screaming “back to school,” I usually start to seep into a bit of sadness. Sometimes I get really depressed.

All that we waited for (yes, I wait all year for summer!), all we anticipated…it’s already passing by.

We remark casually,

“Where did summer go?” and,  “It went by so fast!”

Every year we say those same things. I grumble about it all ending and brace myself for the cooler days that will turn into just plain freezing days, and those early dark nights. 

But this year something changed.

As I sat on my deck last night with my littlest guy and we talked about summer coming to an end, I said, 

“You know what? This year I am not sad. I am looking forward to the season change.”

Yes, I almost surprised myself! 

But we continued to talk about the marvelous reality that summer always comes again. As does every season. 

The seasons that change reveal God’s faithfulness to us.

I said to my son,

“The beauty is summer will come back. Just like it always does.”

It’s not like in thousands of years of human history, God has ever said,

“Nope. Summer is cancelled this year.”

We talked about how it’s a beautiful thing to notice the constants in our life that God has ordained because He is the Creator and He is a God of order.

The sun rises every single day and sets every single day. There is never a day that God has said, “Today the sun will not rise.”

And when we look past our own comforts and wants and pleasures and get to know God through every season, it becomes much easier, in fact necessary, to embrace the end…knowing He is faithful.

And we also look ahead knowing, the end is not truly the end…even when this world passes away, He who has promised us eternal life is faithful.



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Simply...Living For Him

It’s August…

It’s  August.

The feeling changes in the air.

The excitement and anticipation of summer…the long days, the late nights, the fireflies, the ice cream, the expectancy….has now faded and become usual. The nights are just a bit shorter, the things we waited for are becoming familiar.

August. The month where we live still in summer, yet with an eye on the next month knowing it will soon be over….

I see the years of my teenagers pretty much the same as August….

The baby days I dreamed of, the days of childhood, the excitement of beginning a journey….now these things have become the usual..and we are just like in August….still in childhood, yet a foot is now into the door of adulthood…just like summer…it will soon be over…

In August I consciously tell myself not take for granted the beautiful summer mornings, the birds chirping to wake me…not to take for granted the ice cream nights, the popsicle stained faces, the muddy prints in the house….

…because soon summer will be over.  I try to relish in every moment…always with one eye on the next month…knowing this will soon be a memory.

Just like August, I am feeling the same way about my teenagers…on the cusp of a new chapter. One foot still in summer…or in childhood…..trying to consciously enjoy it all…knowing all too well it will soon be over…

We are at the point where I have a glimpse of the end in sight. I am no longer the naive new mommy thinking babyhood and childhood are forever…knowing that, just like August, the days are getting shorter…the sun is setting on summer…and on childhood…

Only…August will come again…next year…

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Simply...Living For Him

Stop Waiting, Start Living

We wait for tonight…
We wait for tomorrow…
We wait for next week…
We wait for next year….
Yet, we only have this moment.
Stop waiting, and start living.

I myself am so guilty of this at times. I LOVE summer and feel like I wait all year for it. Yet, then when it gets here, it isn’t always exactly like I planned in my mind. The reality doesn’t always match the expectation.  I am tired of living for expectations or living for the future.

The truth is, the future is here. Minute by minute we are living it. God never promised us tomorrow. He never promised us one more breath. The only one we can be sure of is the breath we are taking at this moment.

The world always makes us feel like there is better ahead. Yet, God tells us specifically not to worry about tomorrow. 

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. “

Matthew 6:34

Today is all we are guaranteed. Life changes from one moment to the next. I don’t want to always wish for something better, because I may miss out on the present.

My husband teases me that I spend time worrying about things that will happen and then looking back I realized I have just wasted time. It is also true of always waiting for something better. We are missing out on what is right before us…

Right now, right before me is a four-year-old who just wants me to play trains or a 12-year-old who wants me to brush her hair. Why, oh why would I pass those things up? Why wouldn’t I embrace that and enjoy the moment? Sometimes I am too busy looking to the future, and I am missing the present.

I want to stop looking ahead for fulfillment. We are fulfilled with ALL we need at the moment Christ takes residence in us. We need not think one more moment or one more year, or one more summer will bring more fulfillment. We are complete in Christ.

Oh Lord, break me of my eyes always in the future. Remind me of this moment. I have all I need right here and right now. I don’t know what tomorrow brings. Let me not always live for the expectation, but find true contentment in this moment alone.  

I need to trust God to show me one moment at a time what is next. And to rest knowing I am complete in this moment in Him.

I am not saying don’t plan for the future. What I am saying is, don’t live for it, or live in it. Live in the now. Enjoy this moment, and trust God to take care of tomorrow. 

 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 

Matthew 6:33




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