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Bible Based Homeschooling e-course

Training Up the Next Generation in Truth!
Building a firm foundation in your family, with the Bible at the center.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

3 John 4 NKJV

There is nothing that will equip your children more for life than to know God’s Word and to walk in the Truth. This course will walk you through how we used the Bible as our main textbook in our homeschool for an entire year. It was the MOST amazing year ever.

Yet, even if you don’t want to solely teach from the Bible, it is still imperative to teach with the Bible as the center of your family and your homeschool. Join me as we discover the most amazing resource we have as families- the Bible.

This is not intended to be a curriculum, but a guide.

This course includes unlimited access to over 85 minutes worth of videos detailing how we used the Bible for each subject to teach our children for one year, printable downloads to help you keep track of your resources and records, sample weeks, and extra resources PLUS free membership to a private member-only Facebook group to continue the encouragement and connect with others!  I will also continue to share resources and videos to answer questions and be available to you as you walk this journey!


~Karen DeBeus

Simply Living for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling

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Simply Living for Him, Simply...Living For Him

Kids Are Not Born Little Adults: Preserving Childhood

Sometimes my heart just really hurts for children these days. Everywhere I turn, the world is telling them it isn’t ok to be a kid. With the rush for earlier schooling, more schooling, busier schedules, all while making sure they are “well-rounded,” it’s like the world forgot what it means to be a kid!

I recently saw a huge facebook battle over the fact that some schools want to impose a later start to their day. As it is, in many places, kids are getting on school buses before the sun is even up. And with the numerous studies showing that kids, especially teens, need more sleep there is a push for later school times. Yet the opposition thinks it’s outrageous. While many of the arguments were from working parents who need their kids on the bus before they go to work (still sad in my opinion), most of the reasons were because kids need to learn how to function in the “real world.”

The last time I checked, kids do function in the real world. But we are forgetting to let them function as kids in that world. 

You see, with the faster-paced society focused on external successes, somewhere along the way, we have equated adults with kids. 

But kids are not born little adults. They are born infants, who grow into toddlers, and then children, teens, and eventually adults. It’s a process. And it involves time and growth.

When we use the excuse to make kids fit into our adult lives and say it is because they will need to be doing it “someday,” it makes no logical sense.

When I birthed my babies, I didn’t feed them pizzas as newborns because well, “someday” they will need to eat pizza so they better get used to it now. No. In fact, I only fed them milk because that is all their little stomachs were made to handle. Then we moved up to baby foods, toddler portions, and adult portions when they were older. If I had tried to feed a newborn pizza it would have never worked and it would have been harmful.

We do the same thing to our children when we make them fit into an adult schedule because someday they may work an 8-5 schedule (which quite frankly, still doesn’t make sense, because many of us don’t “work” those typical hours either. Many of us have non-traditional schedules that don’t fit with the corporate world.) 

I am grateful that we are able to homeschool and to raise our children out here in the simple life. I must keep my eyes focused on Jesus and our goals and not what the world says. There have been times when I have questioned my own parenting and choices and then I remember…they are kids. They are learning as they grow. It’s ok to let each stage take its course.

Today we were able to spend some time in the much-needed sunshine. My ten year old and I walked the property identifying animal tracks in the snow. He wasn’t just learning about the animals, but he was allowed to explore, be curious, and take time to just be a 10-year-old boy. He grabbed sticks, trudged through mud, pounced in the stream with his muck boots. He found a snail in the stream. He noticed the skunk cabbage is just starting (hurray for Spring!). I pointed out how God created the seasons and how magnificent God is. Plus, he was able to enjoy so many other things about our woods he just wouldn’t have time to do if I made him “act like an adult” and sit at the desk for a day.


Let kids be kids. I promise you there is time for them to be adults, and they will be productive, well-rounded adults when their childhood was allowed and enjoyed.

A few years ago, we threw out the curriculum and taught our kids for one year using the Bible as our main textbook! It was an amazing year, and so many have asked me just how we did it. So, we have finally put together an e-course that will show you how you CAN teach all subject from the Bible, and even if you don’t choose that for your family, you will be encouraged to always keep the Bible as the firm foundation in your homeschool! Our generation needs to teach the generation  God’s Word!

Releasing SOON!


Simply...Living For Him

A False Sense of Control

We all want control. We plan, we prepare, we make lists, we organize our homes, we make lesson plans…all good things. Yet, sometimes we go overboard.

We get wrapped up in the plans. We think if we just get the right planner, the right system in place, the perfect method, we will finally get our lives under control. And there is something to be said for order and discipline. God wants that.

Yet, God also tells us to give up control. He wants our lives surrendered to Him.

So in our quest to control our lives and every detail, we are forgetting that the Christian walk is about giving up control. He controls us. 

None of our man-made systems or ordered lives will ever work if we don’t grasp that truth. He is in control.

Then, from a life surrendered to Him, it really doesn’t matter what method we choose, what planner (truthfully a blank notebook is just fine) or what system we implement. Because the One who orders our steps will order our lives.

We have made control an idol. We make to-do lists, and goals, and plans. We focus on what we can achieve, and how we can do it, in 10 easy steps.

The Christian life is far from easy and far from a neat and orderly list.

It is often difficult and the steps don’t always fall into place in perfect order.

But God.

He is working in us and through us to order our steps.

He is working in us as we surrender our lives to Him.

He is working for us as we lose control to the One who controls all things.

So I ask you today…whatever it is you are constantly trying to control…first surrender to Him. Let Him order your steps. Don’t seek a false sense of control in worldly ways, but find true order, in the One who controls us. Lose control and let the One who controls all things lead you. It is the only way…


And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Colossians 1:17 NIV

Simply...Living For Him

The One and Only Thing I Hope You Would Ever Learn From Me

It’s very easy for me to get wrapped up in my head. My thoughts. My fears. My anxieties. Blah blah blah.

Fear is a liar.

Fear easily creeps in and slithers its way into my mind, and before I know it, my thoughts are derailed from goodness, and those thoughts then permeate my being, which then overflows into my actions. Usually, a lack of action is my response to those fears. I don’t do what I want to do, and what I am created to do. Fear stops me. It paralyzes me.


As I have dealt with fears and anxieties over the years, I am learning each time, and more specifically recently, that my fears though, can even be used for good. And I thought of this quote regarding the enemy’s attacks:

“Resist. Be more prayerful every time he is more active. He will soon give it up, if he finds that his attacks drive you to Christ. Often has Satan been nothing but a big black dog to drive Christ’s sheep nearer to the Master.” (Spurgeon)

Don’t you just love that? In fact, yesterday I had every intention to blog about something near and dear and personal. My belief in Jesus. I had made up my mind to write about my true and honest belief in Jesus and why it is so important for me to share it. And really, my purpose in life is not about my comfort, my peace, or even my wellness. It is about Jesus and sharing with all I can and the truth that is found in Him alone.

Lo and behold, I never wrote that post yesterday because fear gripped me. Not fear of the post, but other fears that dominate me these days.

So today, I said ENOUGH. Enough, enough, enough. I am living each day and each moment for Christ and Christ alone. And may it be that when the enemy attacks, I am driven straight into the arms of Jesus. The more he attacks, the more I will be driven to Him and will drive others to Him as well.

Even in those fears, in fact sometimes maybe because of them, I will continue to point to Jesus in all I do.

So, today I want to share with you the one and only thing I hope you would ever learn from me. Whether you are a blog reader, a Facebook friend, a real-life friend, a family member…whoever you are and why ever you have found yourself reading this, I want you to know…it has been ordained by God. Because really, every single moment of every single life has. And today, He has brought you to this space.

My life is built upon the rock of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t always that way, and especially those who knew me 25 years ago, know that it definitely wasn’t that way then. I was raised to know God, but as a teenager and then college girl, I turned away from Him as far as I could. I bought into the lies of the world..I sought after the wrong gods…in people or otherwise. I lived a life completely opposite to my life today. And it got me into afwul trouble. I found myself in places too dark to even write about today…

And it could have stayed that way.

But God.

“I waited patiently for the LORD;
And He inclined to me,
And heard my cry.

He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
Out of the miry clay,
And set my feet upon a rock,
And established my steps.

He has put a new song in my mouth—
Praise to our God;
Many will see it and fear,
And will trust in the LORD.”

Psalm 40:1-3 NKJV

He came in and opened my eyes to the truth of Jesus. I began to read the Bible and to have the scales lifted off of my eyes. He made Himself known to me over the past 20 years and I have only continued to desire to live for Him.

You see, fads and trends and spiritual things of this world…they come and go…they are ever changing. Many times I would follow after one thing only to have it replaced by a new thing. 

But Jesus.

I am proof that He is real. I couldn’t ever have changed my thinking, my behavior, my actions on my own. And He continues to transform me day after day. I am a new creation.

And even though we live in a world that is broken and difficult and often depressing, there is HOPE in Jesus. I know that my life here will end. I know that this life isn’t all there is. But that is the beauty of Jesus. Knowing Him changes everything. Everyday. My outlook is on the eternal and not the externals. Well, most times 😉 Afterall, I am still dealing with those pesky fears.

Most of our lives are based on what we can see. The world around us. And while it is important to understand our life around us, when we look at through the lens of the Bible and God, and the perspective that this life isn’t all there is, it changes everything.

When I surrendered my life and gave up control to God, I found freedom. True freedom. I am no longer living for others or for things, but for Jesus.

I have seen the transformation from the inside out. It is only a miracle that God could do.

And I will spend my life telling others about that miracle. Unashamedly. Unafraid.

Because when you know the Truth, the truth sets you free. It is a truth that doesn’t change. It is a truth that can be trusted. It is the truth of Jesus.

We are all separated from God because of sin. There is not one person who doesn’t sin. And God is perfect and holy. He naturally cannot be in our presence, or us in His, if we are sinful. Because He is holy, we simply can not be with Him. But Jesus came and lived a perfect life for us all to see, and then was put to death in our place, so that we will be made holy and someday we can be in God’s presence. 

Now I could go on and on about how many prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus and the historical evidence for Jesus’ life and resurrection, and point you to all the facts in the world. Because there are many.

But facts don’t transform souls. Jesus does. And He transformed mine.

So while the evidence shows it to be true, I need no evidence except my changed heart and soul.

It took me a really long time to accept the truth of Jesus. I thought it sounded like a nice story, but it couldn’t possibly apply to me. I had done too many sinful and awful things. How could they be forgiven by a perfect God?

But it is the Truth. I asked God to forgive me, to help me to believe, and all I can say is, HE answered those prayers.

I have done nothing to deserve it. None of us has. That is the gift of grace.

I invite you today…if you found yourself on this page and something stood out to you…contact me. Email me. Message me. Text me. Reach out to me. I want to help you in any way I can. I will pray for you and with you. Do you want to be free? Maybe you have fears, or depression, or issues, or hurts, or doubts. Whatever it is, Jesus can overcome. He came here for ALL who will believe. Will you?

I want my life to matter. And really all that matters is sharing the truth of God’s love with all I come in contact with. So that is the reason for this post. And if you know this truth, then pass it on. Let’s stir this world and hearts for Jesus. So that all may know! Our culture is going downhill fast. There is no absolute truth anymore and because of that people are making themselves their own gods. But the Bible says that ends in destruction.

There is ABSOLUTE truth. And that is the truth found in the Bible. It is a beautiful thing to have a life built on solid truth that doesn’t change. You don’t need to flounder any longer. You can live a life built on Truth and love. So get to know Him…it will be life-saving and life-changing.