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A New Year…

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I have so many things planned for the new year. I am praying on it all before I act though. So keep checking back for more info! (one thing involves a new website coming soon…)

Last year, I wrote a checklist for simplifying in the new year. I am still on the journey to keep my home and my life simple, so that I can focus on what is important. You can download a copy here:
Checklist for Simplifying in the New Year

This simple checklist for simplifying in the new year will help you go through each area of your house to de-clutter.  There is also a section on steps to reducing “mental clutter.”
How are you managing to simplify this year?
  • Saying “no” to more activities?
  • De-cluttering your home?
  • Not bringing more “stuff” into your home?

Share your ideas in the comments below…Happy New Year! Keep simply living…for Him!

And finally…this is so great regarding New Year’s Resolutions…
“Resolutions, can only dive us into deeper dependence on ourselves…”

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A Look Back at 2011…

A look back at 2011.

A glimpse of where we’ve been and as we do so, we are full of hope and anticipation for what the Lord will do in 2012.

NYC 2011

Happy New Year! (the glasses were from the previous year, but I promise you…it was 2011) 🙂

Typical breakfast at our house 😉

Mom and Dad took Grace for an overnight trip for her 10th birthday-this is how we celebrate!

Favorite Bible lesson- we washed each others feet
A visit to Lancaster-highlight of summer
 The family

Our newest “student”

My favorite photo from 2011- A Daddy’s love for his child-it is so, as God loves us
 And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Romans 8:16 

I am linking this post over at Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling-GO check it out!

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A New Year, A New Semester

Well the new year is here and on Monday we will begin our second semester.  I am excited to get back to a full schedule. I loved December and all of the fun we had, but it is time to get back to a more intense schedule.  I just found a great resource, Home Educating Family Magazine and their planner, the Well Planned Day.  I love planners, I love organization, so buying a planner for me isn’t new. I am always looking for the “perfect” one!  I do really like this one.  It has a weekly lesson plan on a 2 page spread and enough plans for 4 children.  There are lots of other great features as well. I received a copy of the magazine with the planner, and it looks GREAT.  I highly recommend it.  The articles are fantastic.  I look forward to getting a subscription.

As the second half of our school year approaches, I am really focusing on God’s plans for our family.  I know He has BIG plans for us and it is just a matter of obeying and following His lead.  I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

I also just read the book “Do Hard Things.”  It is written by 2 former homeschooled teens, and it is aimed at teens.  My husband works with the high school youth group at our church, which is why he is reading the book.  Yet, I found these principles can be applied to all of us.  It talks about challenging the culture and not being complacent.  Teens these days have very low expectations on them, and this book challenges them to be counter cultural and exceed all expectation on teens.  It is an amazing book. I highly recommend it whether you have teens, will have teens, or just want to be challenged in your life to not just get by.  I look forward to this year and challenging myself to “do hard things!”  All the Glory to Him!

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