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25 Days of Simple Christmas-Names of Jesus Advent Chain

Welcome to the 25 Days of Simple Christmas!  Each day I will be posting an idea about keeping the holidays simple- so that we can focus on Christ and the real meaning of Christmas!

While Christmas is such a special day, so much of the joy gets lost in the busyness.  

Each day I will be writing about a simple way to celebrate the season.  To focus on family, joy, and memories, without the elaborate extras that can bring added stress. Simple can be more meaningful if it gives us more time to focus on the huge GIFT we are awaiting-Jesus Christ, our Savior.

We made this names of Jesus Advent Chain today.  I happened to see it online and wished we had known about it earlier.  There is a name of Jesus for 25 days, and each day has verses to explain the meaning and a devotion.  So awesome!

Since we discovered this a little later, we decided to read some of the names each day and their meanings.

Today, we printed out the chain and put it together.  

Then, we hung it up and each day will be reminded just how wonderful our Savior is by seeing some of the many names of Jesus on display:

Wonderful Counselor
Prince of Peace
Lily of the Valley
Good Shepherd

What an awesome resource, and I plan on doing it next year.  Really digging deep into the character of Christ and Who He Is!

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