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And Just Like That…

And just like that, we are closing the final book of 9th grade. 

The little girl that I was so afraid of homeschooling for kindergarten, has only three (short) years left of her homeschool journey.

When I look at pictures of years past, it seems like oh, so long ago…but at the same time, like yesterday.

Just yesterday, God started nudging my heart to homeschool. He chased, and I ran. Ultimately His plan prevailed.

Just yesterday, I was standing in the preschool room, terrified of what the future held. Knowing she was moving on from preschool and crying at the thought…

Just yesterday, I was telling my parents about this decision that would ultimately change all of our lives…in more ways than I ever imagined.

Just yesterday, I stepped out in faith (even though I was filled with fear)…and ultimately faith won over fear.

God won, instead of my flesh.

In my flesh, I would have blended in with everyone else. I would have chosen (what I thought was) the easier path…

In my flesh, I would have relied on myself.

In my flesh, I would have never submitted to the call that God was placing on my heart.

Thankfully, we don’t walk by the flesh, but  by the spirit.

In His strength, I have stepped out in faith and walked a journey I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Some days I feel like I am living in a movie about someone else’s life. Yet, the  movie goes on, and each day there is a new adventure. I praise the Lord for all HE has done.

I am beyond grateful for this journey, which has been about so much more than just school choices. 

Most of all I am grateful that I obeyed when I did not want to, and that God is leading us each step of the way.
To Him be the glory.

In just three short years, I will be looking back on the entire journey. It is too cliche, but I can’t help myself. It goes by in a blink. My little gap-toothed girl has grown into a beautiful young lady, full of God’s grace. She is everything I ever dreamed of in a daughter and more.

I praise the Lord for all He has done in her life and even though it is bittersweet to see the years fly by, it is exciting to know that she has a whole life ahead of her, that He has already planned before time. 

So we continue to walk with Him, clinging every step of the way, trusting Him in all…even when it is hard. Even when we don’t feel like it. Because we know He holds the future.


 Read more about our journey in my book, Called Home!

Listen to my podcast about our early years!

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New Podcast Episode: HELP! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool!

Help! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool
You may not be equipped, but God supplies the equipment!

I’m not organized enough.
I’m not smart enough.
I’m not disciplined enough.
We don’t have enough money.
I’m a mess!
Help! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool!
Feeling like you are being called to homeschool, but don’t feel equipped?
Or are you in the midst of homeschooling and feel like you just can’t go on?
Have no fear. If God has called you, He will equip you!
Join me as we talk about all these things and how I have learned to overcome.

Click below to listen to the podcast:



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When I Began Homeschooling, I Didn’t Have Facebook…and I’m Glad…

Back when I began homeschooling, I didn’t have facebook  (it wasn’t even out yet, maybe?). And I’m glad. You see, it was just me, my daughter and this God sized calling He had placed on my heart. I wasn’t influenced by what others were doing- Lord knows, I hardly knew anyone else who was doing it! I didn’t have expectations that I put on myself. I only anticipated what God had in store for us. I went to Him on my knees asking for help.  I wasn’t trying to live up to what others were doing- just what God had called me to do.

It concerns me to think about what it would have been like had I had facebook, Pinterest, etc. as a new homeschooling mom. I mean, don’t get me wrong…it can be a blessing to have so much information. Yet, I don’t know that I would have grown to know my family’s needs as well. We needed to struggle through certain things. We needed to get to know each other and our new way of life that year. We needed to connect face to face. We needed to know nothing except God called us to this journey, and we were on it. Figuring it out together, with Him as our guide.

Back when I was a scared new mama, I didn’t need to hear everyone’s voices…just His.

So whether you are a new homeschool mama or a veteran, remember homeschooling is between you and your family and God. Not what everyone else is doing. Take time to get to know them, and forget what everyone else is doing. Just be with your family. In the Word. Living real life. Together.

Take the information that is helpful and encouraging, but use it wisely. Use it as it was intended to be. Don’t let it take over. God is the One with the answers to our questions. Go to Him first.



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