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A Grateful Monday…

Today was a good Monday.  Luke finished his Math U See book for the year.  I am looking at various math ideas to supplement for the remainder of the year.  I got some great advice from the Homeschool Lounge today.  I am going to look at the Living Math site as well as some other great sites for hands on activities and living books for math.

We are also getting near the end of our Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy book.  Since we have studied all of the planets in the solar system this year, the children are each working on their own “book” about the solar system and what they have learned.  Luke so far completed his “sun” page and “Mercury.”  He is illustrating it as well and it looks great.  Grace is using Power Point to make her project.  She is doing a great job using all the skills she learned at her recent Power Point class at a local community college. 

Then this evening we all went over to Grace’s softball game.  This is her first year of softball on our local recreation league.  She is having lots of fun, and it’s great for her to get out there and learn the sport.  She is learning to be part of a team and it is all very encouraging.

Most of all it was an evening where I felt so incredibly grateful.  My parents came up to see the game, even after working a long day at work all day.  My kids are so blessed to have grandparents who would do anything to be there for them, and cheer them on when they need it.

I am also feeling grateful overall for just this life I live.  Four beautiful friends just returned from a missions trip to Haiti.  Words can’t describe the pictures they came home with.  They stayed at an orphanage and had so many experiences that I can’t even begin to imagine.  What has struck me the most were the stories of the parents trying to give their babies to the missionaries to take home to the U.S.  Unfathomable.  To be so desperate to try and give your baby away knowing that its life can be better or even saved by doing so.  We in the U.S. can not even begin to understand that kind of desperation.  I think about it, and my heart breaks.  I am just so grateful for all that I have…A beautiful family, beautiful children that we can provide for, and parents who would do anything for us…

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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