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Simple Spring Activity-Birds!

An activity we love to do in Spring is observe birds.  There are many ways to incorporate the everyday observation of the birds and their activity in Spring into your homeschool.

Here are some great ideas to try:

Hang a bird feeder in a place that is easily observed.  Hungry birds returning for Spring will easily be attracted to your feeder, and once they find it, be prepared for lots of daily activity!  Our’s is on our deck outside of our kitchen window.  We can sit during meals and watch the birds at the feeder, and look up the different types in our field guide.

Have a field guide handy so when birds make their appearance, the kids can look them up and find out exactly which ones they are seeing.  The guide will then give great information about the different types of birds.

Set up a chart at window where you will be able to see the birds often. Whenever anyone sees a new bird, identify it and use a tally mark to keep track on the chart.

The chart can be useful for several learning opportunities. Math, charts, tally marks, estimation, data collection, prediction, simple math problems, etc. all can be practiced from the information collected on the chart. At the end of each week it is fun to see how many of each type of bird arrived at the feeder.  Compare weeks to see when the most visited, and which type visited most often.

You can also use your bird identification to then research the various types of birds.  Use library skills to collect more information.  Put a report together.  Present it orally to the family.

Write poems about the birds.  Also, practice creative writing with short stories about the birds.

Practice photography skills. Let each child try and photograph the birds at the feeder or in the yard.  Teach them about how to get good photos of wildlife.

Sketch the birds while they are at the feeder. Often using a nature journal and sketching helps the child to make observations about the birds they may not have otherwise. It forces them to look at details they may not have noticed.

Use Bible verses about birds for copywork, or simply to spark conversation about these beautiful creatures that God created. Download a {free} resource here for this.

Don’t forget that God has created a beautiful classroom right outside your front door, just waiting to be explored!  Encourage your children to use their skills in real life, everyday.

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