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Living in the Laundry Room and Choosing the Good Part

It’s been ages since I blogged. Nowadays it’s easier to write an Instagram story or Facebook post, I guess. But today as I tried to gather my thoughts about the last few weeks, my fingers started typing and they wouldn’t stop.

I learned so much living in the laundry room the past two weeks.

You see, what started out as perhaps a few days down there while my husband dealt with Covid, turned in to a two-week saga because each of my kids came down with it. Not at the same time mind you….but every few days. So I stayed downstairs in our laundry room (which happens to be in the middle of a conversion to a guest room, so there’s a bed in there! That sure helped!) I grabbed a few outfits that first day thinking it would be five days at the most. But, it turned into much longer.

I want to share with you the things the Lord taught me in the hopes that He may teach you as well.

Find the purpose in all things. Even the minor inconveniences. He taught me so many intimate things just for Him and I. But there are others I want to share.

During those two weeks apart from all that I usually revolve around daily, all I cared about was Jesus. Not the details of the house. Not my clothes or appearance. Not even the food I ate.

Of course, I cared about the well-being of my family, but even in that, I knew all that mattered was Jesus. Because if I had them well, but didn’t have Him, I had nothing.

(full disclosure, they were barely sick, praise the Lord!)

I literally had to sit alone with the Lord and contemplate many things.

The birds were a delight out the door every morning. They sung me awake. It was nice to hear voices, because there were some days I heard none. Not even my own, as I had no one to talk to. The moon was my nightlight each evening- gleaming right outside my window reminding me how to reflect the SON’s light!

I realized, that the things that I often fret about daily, whether it’s circumstances or how my house looks or how I look, or finances, really, really meant nothing. I saw that God in the circumstances matters more than the circumstances themselves. The circumstances are a means to Jesus as He is changing me in them. They are not a hindrance!

I saw that life is fleeting and eternity is nearer than we think. So why do we focus on the things that will all be taken away but not on the one thing that will remain? And will remain forever.


It’s just like Mary. Jesus told her she chose the better. In Luke 10:38-42, we see Mary and Martha. (I know you’ve probably read it before, but read it again!) We studied it for two days at our retreat and I had studied it for months prior.

And here I got to live it. You see, Martha was busy tending to the fleeting things (which do need tending to some degree) yet she hadn’t seen the importance of sitting at Jesus’ feet first. To choose the good part. To choose Jesus Himself.

Oh, don’t let it take the Lord to take it all away from you to realize the best place to be is at the feet of Jesus. To choose the good part. Which can never be taken away.

Things can be taken away. Health can be taken away. People can be taken away.  Money can be taken away. But HE can not. 

Choose the good part today. It will change everything. 

And you know what? I had to serve my family this week- truly serve. Three meals a day up the stairs and down the stairs. And because my focus shifted, there was no “whoa is me.” There was no focusing on what I was doing, but simply serving because I serve Jesus.

Truly sitting at His feet every moment of the day changes everything.

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