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Simply Go! and Love Your Neighbor

In the middle of winter it is often easy to cocoon yourself and not reach out too much to your neighbor. The days are dark and cold and it is easy to focus inward. But there are many things you can do right form your home to love on your neighbor and share the Light of Christ.

Shovel snow for your neighbor. Don’t ask. Just do it! Let them experience an unexpected blessing.

Write letters/cards. This is a lost art these days. Sure you can text or email any time, but there is something special about receiving a hand written letter. It means someone took time to sit down and write! Include some encouraging Bible verses.

Send a meal! Use the Door Dash app or similar and send some warm soup, a hot lunch, or even a coffee and treat. There are so many options these days. Include an encouraging message or make it anonymous!

Be an Internet missionary! From the comfort of your home, you can share the Gospel! Use your space of the Internet for good. When folks are caught up in the negativity, your positivity may be just what they need. Point to Jesus! Share Scripture or words of encouragement. There are enough words of division these days.

Pray. This involves nothing but time between you and the Lord. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your communities. Pray for the Light to penetrate this dark world. Then pick one specific person that needs the Lord and commit to pray for them each day for a month. Watch what the Lord does!

Here are some resources to equip and inspire you:

Mission-Minded Women

Living Waters Ministry

Simply Sharing Jesus (Billy Graham)

missional moms

Simply Go! is a new initiative of the Simply Living for Him ministry that focuses on missional living in the lives of everyday women. Based on Acts 4:13, which describes the disciples as ordinary men who had been changed by an extraordinary God, and those around them simply recognized that they had been with Jesus. As we begin to approach Spring, we have some ideas that we will move forward with for our Simply Go! initiative. We will share resources, new challenges, and encouraging blog articles about being missional in your everyday life. 

We want to encourage you that you can be missional right where you are–in your home, community, and everyday life. You simply need to reflect Jesus! So while Simply Living for Him provides resources to help you spend time with Jesus, Simply Go! is the next step in then shining that light!

This world is getting darker each day and it is our duty and privilege to shine the light of Christ! You will find challenges, ideas, encouragement, and resources in this section.

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