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A New Decade: What Will HE Do With My Life?

It’s the eve of a new decade. Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? Even though time is essentially ticking away no matter how we measure it, there seems to be something promising and alluring about the start of a new decade. The 20’s!

I am currently sitting in the local Panera, working away, my bagel and coffee in hand. Not many people are out this morning. But as I glance around, I am just taking it in. The people that are here. Each soul. A soul God created. And many seem lost. Wandering. Empty.

I am trying to plan for the new year and really focus on my ministry that continues to grow. And I ask myself…

What REALLY matters?

I mean, it is so easy to get caught up in the things of this world. I released a book this week…everything out there says I should be focused on sales and strategies. And although I want that book in every woman’s hand because I want them to get closer to God, I also know that the Lord controls sales and strategies… and souls. It is all His. I am just an obedient servant.

So many times we get it backward. We plan and we strive and we serve. All in the name of Jesus. But our hearts are focused on us. We focus on our abilities and plans and then ask God to bless them.

But, when we obediently surrender and don’t get ahead of Him, we are truly living where we are meant to live. In His will. And that is a place of many unknowns, often many sufferings, and even hardships. But this life isn’t meant to be lived for my comfort but for His glory.

A decade. Statistics say we will live eight of them. Nine, if we are lucky. Many of us will never even have that many. So why do we waste our finite amount of time on such distractions, such endless details? The enemy desires to keep us turned from God and onto anything else he can distract us with. And as I look around this world…it is working. We are living for the wrong things.

Raising my hand. Myself included at times. This is why, as I sit here in a mundane coffee shop, I am focusing on extraordinary plans- the ones that are supernaturally above what will I do with my life, but what will HE do with my life… Yes, Lord, I surrender to you.

2020, I am ready for you. Obediently stepping into the decade with no plans except to follow Jesus.



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