Giving It All Up to Follow Him: The Family Behind Schoolhouse Rocked Feature Film // ep152

Imagine if we all truly walked the walk…living out our faith in very real and tangible ways? Leaving everything behind to follow God’s calling on your life? To truly listen to God and do what He says…even if it means giving up everything?

I am beyond excited about today’s podcast to introduce you to a family that is doing just that.

Yvette Hampton and her family left their comfy lifestyle in California three years ago, sold their home and most of their belongings, and hit the road to answer the calling on their life. As a homeschooling family with a husband/father who had worked in Hollywood, they knew that God was calling them to make a feature-length film about homeschooling and they have been working on this project ever since.

Today I am talking to Yevette about what it is like to truly simplify by getting rid of all your stuff, life on the road, focusing on God and His calling, and also all about this AMAZING movie that they have produced. You will be inspired and encouraged.

Join me! You will love Yvette as much as I do!

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