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We’ve Made Our World Smaller, But We Are Further Apart

It’s a paradox. We have made our world smaller in the age of social media. We can connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. In any given moment, we can know what is going on thousands of miles away. I recently had my kids in awe when I told them about the newspapers growing up…the morning and evening news. We needed both because news changed during the day, so the later edition kept up with that. But the irony is, that 100 years before then you were happy to get news from around the world in a few days time, let alone morning to evening. That seemed like lightning speed!

It’s all relative I guess. When you can get the world news right as it happens these days.

Yet, here we are with the world at our fingertips (literally) and with connections to people instantaneous. And at times it can be a beautiful thing.

I have found, though, that even though the world has become smaller, we are further apart. Because I can communicate via sentences or even a few words (or abbreviations!) I have no need to go out and spend time with a friend. I can shoot them a text. A praying emoji. A thumbs up…

While it is a blessing to have communication so accessible and fast, it does bring a few hindrances.

For example:

~I can quickly type, “Praying for you…” Or I can meet up with a friend, grab hold of their hand, and pray with them.
~I can type, “Hey, how are you?” Or I can stop over my friend’s house to see how they really are.
~I can comment on a facebook post about a controversial subject and get all flustered. Or I can civilly discuss the issues in real life, hear them out, eye to eye, heart to heart and perhaps find some common ground. And if not, at least we heard each other out.
~I can send an emoji or I can give a hug, kiss, wink, or whatever it is in REAL life!

Do you see what I mean?

Relationships have become one-dimensional. We are losing the tone of voice, depth of heart, and face to face. We are often losing the intention behind words. We are losing depth of soul in relationships for a quick and easy connection.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore social media. The countless connections I have made online due to my media presence is exceptional. I am forever grateful, yet there’s a place for it. We can’t leave our connections in a digital world. It needs to be carried into our real world. And for the times that isn’t possible, then digital is grand. But don’t let it replace the times when it is possible.

Some of the best conversations take place around the kitchen table. Not on instant messenger. The original group chat was a coffee klatch! 

Let’s go back to the way generations before lived out a community.

The world is changing, and not for the better. We are becoming divided and bitter and introverted.

But I believe we can change the world from the inside out if we were to really go back to a community that is built on relationships the way God intended.

Living life together. In real life. Sharing each other’s joys and struggles. Walking together.

We just might understand each other better. We will get a FULL picture of someone else’s life. Not just a one-dimensional view. We hear the tone, we hear where they are coming from, we see the look in their eyes. It all matters.


I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and get offline and in real LIFE.

Invite someone over. Stop by a friend’s house. Meet up for coffee, break bread together, laugh, cry, and linger. Build relationships. Say words, don’t just type them. Be a listener, not just a reader. Let’s do this!

SLFH #NoFilter Women’s Day Events are coming to foster just this idea. If you are interested in bringing an event to your church, women’s group, or wherever you need…please contact me at We want to provide an event to encourage your women to live with No Filters and live in REAL life as true sisters in Christ. We want to equip you to then lead the women in your life to continue meeting together, living together, and loving Jesus together!


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