Our Journey Home • Episode 67

Story time!

On the podcast today, I am telling a story. It’s a story filled with twists and turns and often cries to God in times of questioning. It’s a story of His faithfulness and His plans unfolding in His time.

Our journey to our dream home is a story of God’s provision and His faithfulness. It is a story of trusting no matter what and being content no matter where. And now we will use it for His glory and a testimony of His faithfulness.

And the story isn’t over. This is about so much more than a house, but we are building a home and a place to share God’s love.

Whatever journey you are on right now, whether you feel there is no end is sight, or prayers that don’t seem to be answered, I hope this episode encourages you to keep pressing on no matter where God leads. His plans are always best.


Jesus is Enough

This summer, I am hosting a women’s retreat in Gettysburg, PA. In a world of excess, we are going to focus on that fact that Jesus is enough. The world will tell you YOU are enough. But truly, HE is enough. He is all we need. We don’t rely on ourselves, or earthly comforts, but on Him alone.  I have lived with it all stripped away, and I have seen that yes, Jesus is enough. In fact, Jesus is MORE than enough.

Early Bird Registration is Open! Join us for this life changing and life-giving event. You will spend two days with other sisters in Christ, tired of what the world offers, and ready to live the life that HE offers.

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