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Simple Summer • Podcast Ep 50

Summer is here! Can you hear me shouting from there? I absolutely love, love, love summer. I love the hot weather, I love the downtime, and I love the loose schedule. It’s all about summer for me!

Yet, nowadays many of us feel like as soon school is out, we need to get those kids busy and fill up the calendar. Or we feel like maybe we should live up to the Pinterest boards to make great activities, and then we feel the pressure to make good memories.

Summer can not only be simple, but a very useful time. I’m chatting about unplugging (both kids and adults) and using summer to recharge, renew, and rest. Make use of your time to spiritually nourish yourself as well and spend some down time each week unplugged while seeking Him above the noise of the world and the normal schedule of the year.

I am also sharing with you what my kids answered when I asked them what their ideal summer looked like. 😉

Lastly, here are some ideas to keep your summer simple:

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