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Spring Cleaning Hearts and Home Series: Simple Homemade Cleaners: Purify Hearts and Home

Simple Homemade Cleaners


Welcome to my Spring Cleaning Hearts and Home Series! For the next several weeks I will have special blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes related to this topic. Be sure to subscribe here and stay updated!

Spring Cleaning Our Homes

I have used vinegar and water to clean for years. It’s super cheap, non-toxic, and naturally cleans. I use it in a spray bottle mixed with water and sometimes a few drops of essential oils (lemon or thieves) and I am good to go.

I use this mixture for my countertops, sink, kitchen appliances, windows, and floors. I love it!

I also use it on the bathroom sink and counter and for daily spraying down the shower and toilet. I use a traditional cleaner in the bathroom every so often (maybe weekly) but for daily use, I spray everything down with my good ol‘ spray bottle of vinegar and water!

I also use this as a dusting spray. I don’t have many pieces of furniture or knick knacks, but this works well when sprayed on a rag for dusting.

As I prepare to get my house in order and do some Spring cleaning, I am making sure to have plenty of this cleaner on hand. It is extremely inexpensive and really works. My Spring cleaning involves putting screens back in windows, cleaning inside and outside of all windows, slider doors, etc., and this does a fantastic job.

Vinegar and Water Homemade Cleaner

Mix half water and half white vinegar in spray bottle. Add a few drops of essential oils for extra cleaning power and fragrance! (lemon, lavender, thieves, etc.)

TIP: I buy the large gallon of vinegar at Sams Club for about $2 a bottle and it lasts me awhile.

Spring Cleaning Our Hearts

Anyone who has followed me awhile knows that simple living is about so much more than just decluttering and getting rid of stuff. I truly believe when we accumulate stuff it is often a  heart issue, and being able to live with less often takes an evaluation of our hearts. So I will always try and relate simplifying beyond the externals. (Read about the remedy to clutter and chaos here. Or visit my YouTube channel and watch my workshop: The Remedy to Clutter and Chaos).

Preparing to Spring Clean our homes is a good time to also refresh our hearts and evaluate our spiritual life.

As I was preparing the post, my mind turned to how does this relate to our hearts? I realized very quickly, it relates quite the same! I try to use as little chemicals and junk as possible when cleaning because of the effects that it can have on us physically, so when evaluating “cleaning” our hearts and getting rid of the clutter that may fill up our minds, keep in mind that we should use the best, most efficient, non-toxic cleaner there is. And you know what that is…The Bible! 

So quickly we can junk up our minds with toxic thoughts and our hearts with junk. Let’s vow this spring to stay fixed on His pure thoughts and His pure words. Let’s keep it simple by going to His Word before any other thought. Let’s pore over His Word more than ever and get our spirit renewed and refreshed. No extra fancy or junk “chemicals” needed. Just His pure words overflowing in our hearts and minds.

The best way to purify ourselves is to remind us of His truths. God’s promises and His Word can truly cleanse us from the inside out.

What are your simple tips for Spring Cleaning? Are you preparing your heart as much as your home?
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