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Full Circle- How Beautiful The Feet of Those Who Bring Good News

I wanted to share a little story today about an experience I had recently that was so unbelievable, yet all God!

Recently, I was invited to speak at a local Christian writers meeting. It was all about social media and using it to build community, etc. The week leading up to it, I was struggling with some things- why on earth was I speaking at the meeting…I’m not an expert, just a girl following Jesus, even if that means in social media. I also was making travel plans for my upcoming speaking engagements and feeling anxious. As always, I continued to seek the Lord and ask if it is worth it to keep going with my ministries and if this is really where He wants me.

SO, the night before the writers meeting, I read a devotion and the verses were from Isaiah and Romans…“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news…” (I am paraphrasing.) And it was like a hug from God because you see, when I originally started blogging in 2008, it was solely a hobby and an online journal about our homeschool journey and in turn, it shared Jesus. The name of the blog was “Beautiful Feet Bring Good News” and it was based on those EXACT verses!

I felt like when God brought those verses to me this week, He was reminding me where I began and to keep focused on the mission. And even if it is hard and not always comfortable, I was reminded as it says in those verses…“How will they know if someone does not tell them?” I felt encouraged that I need to be a light within this world and He has given me the avenue to do it through speaking and writing.

Anyway, at the meeting, before they introduced me, a gal led a devotional that she had written. I almost had to PICK MYSELF UP OFF THE FLOOR- I nearly fell over when she used those exact verses and proceeded to say…literally..the exact thoughts I had the night before when reading the devotion. She spoke about how we need to be a light in the dark world and share our good news….all of it. She spoke what I had “conversed” with God the night before.

I was SHAKING when I explained to the ladies what had happened. The woman who led the devotion told me she had a completely different one planned for two months, but then God changed it on her the last few days before and gave her those verses and thoughts.

Only God.

It was the most real and unreal feeling at the same time. All along I KNEW GOD was right there. So real. But it was so incredibly amazing that it almost felt… unreal!!!

Yes, only God!!!

Be encouraged today. It blows my mind that God doesn’t have to confirm He is working and He is there. Yet, He does. This whole experience was the ultimate confirmation from Him to keep going and to also remind me of the “why” I am doing what I do. Yet, He doesn’t have to do that. I should have faith without the extra confirmation, but because He is so gracious, sometimes He gives us those moments when we clearly know He is working and He is there.

Praise Him.

So I will continue to press on, embrace adventures, and go wherever He leads…He has given me a voice, and I will use it for His glory.

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