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Podcast Ep 29 • One Thing You Must NOT Do In Your Homeschool

Funny story: We were on vacation last week and I thought I was so organized because I scheduled out all of my posts ahead of time so I didn’t have to do any work while away. I even recorded the podcast and scheduled it to post. Well, lo and behold, when I got back I was informed that many of you listened to this episode but it was a repeat of the previous episode! When we went to fix it, the original recording was GONE! So much for being organized! 😉 I am SO sorry for all of you who tried to listen and just found a repeated episode.

Well, last night I recorded this episode AGAIN. So for real now…I am telling you the ONE thing you must NOT do in your homeschool! Let me know what you think…

Homeschool Traps

Whenever I speak at homeschool conventions I always remind my audience ultimately not to listen to me, but to listen to God in everything they do. I love sharing my stories and encouragements and when others glean useful things from me I am so glad! But in the end, I would hope every person listening would seek God above all in all they do.

But on today’s podcast, I am begging you to listen to me in this. It’s that important.

There is one thing that will completely unravel your homeschool and it does not represent God-honoring behavior. It is a detriment not just to your own homeschool, but the homeschooling community as a whole.

Listen in as I talk about the road I was headed down, but now I am incredibly grateful that God worked in my life to point me in the right direction- to Him alone.

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