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The Heaviness of This World and The Glory That is To Come

Life has been heavy lately. Really, really heavy. Tragedy close to  home. Tragedy far from home. It’s everywhere these days. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

God is good. Then why all this bad?

That’s a loaded question…

But, He is good.
That is truth.

Even when…
people are dying,  people are suffering, and it feels like the world is in a downward spiral.

He is good.

I remember that Jesus didn’t live here on earth comfortably. He suffered. He was persecuted. He didn’t live a long life by many standards. He died the most painful and excruciating death.

And He forgave in the last moments.
And He rose and defeated death.

By the world’s standards, He was not successful  and He did not live a life of comfort. By God’s standards, He overcame all evil and all death.

And we will overcome.

That’s the beauty. This life is not all there is. We are suffering each day, but Jesus knows our pain. He shared in suffering.

And one day, one glorious day, we will suffer no more.

We are in pain because we focus on this earth. We are in pain because we lose sight of the end. But, this pain is for a purpose. We must believe that every ounce of pain will be made good because God says so in His Word.

And Jesus’ pain was used for good.

Our job right now is to take the message to a suffering and hurting world. We suffer because we think this is all there is. We lash out and we are angry because we only see right now.

If the world knew Jesus and knew that there is eternal peace, it would change everything. We would all focus on what is to come and live this earthly life for Him, and not for us.

We would focus on others and not ourselves.

Yesterday we started to do a small part here in our small slice of the world to share the message of God’s love. We didn’t shout about our beliefs, but we simply reached out to others in a small and simple way.

We set up a farm stand in front of our house to share the abundance of veggies from our gardens. We talked with folks from our little town and hopefully shared a smile and friendship. We need to share to a hurting world God’s love, and that is what we will do.

We hope that through our little bit of sharing food, we can share God’s love. That those who see us, will really see Him in us.

So go out today to a suffering world. Share a smile. Share any small way that you can…and let this world know, Jesus is the answer to all pain and suffering. May we all share in His glory together some day.

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  • Reply Meredith November 29, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks for the reminder, Karen. In a recent sermon (while visiting out of state family for a funeral), the pastor made the comment, “We are not called to be comfortable; we are called to be effective.”. Sounds like it’s a common theme Good wants me to hear.

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