Simple Summer: What We are Up To This Summer-Loving the Simple Life!

Summer is here! Can you hear me rejoicing from there? It is my absolute favorite time of the year. School is finished (and as always, the older the kids get, the faster the school year goes!) and the summer is just beginning.  I love summer!

I can not believe that my daughter has completed her first year of high school. I never, ever imagined we would homeschool high school, but we are doing it! And loving it! Praise the Lord.

Even though school is finished, we never stop learning. Everyone is busy around here with our little slice of hobby farm heaven. Love’s Farm is growing and we are loving each minute. All hands are on deck as we work on projects, chase after chickens, and grow food!

The garden is thriving. You can read all about our mission for our harvest at Loves.Farm.

My favorite time of the day is the evening- the chickens roam free, we work together in the garden, and sometimes end the night with s’mores! Life is good.

The simple life is for me. I love getting my hands dirty in the garden, watching the food grow, and working with the chickens and ducks. I love being outside and listening to the birds. I love doing life with my family.

I am intentionally trying to keep everyone unplugged as much as possible this summer, so I instated this rule:

If the sun is out, the electronics are off. 

(I actually said they can also play electronics before 9 am too, as long as Bibles have been read and morning tasks are complete.) 

I want my kids to experience summer and not just veg out in front of a screen. So, the rule will be if it is a yucky rainy day, then they can play electronics, but if the sun is out…they are out! 😉  Or if it is evening time, then electronics can come out.

So far they have been busy on our go-kart, having water gun fights, exploring the woods, catching frogs, working in the garden, playing baseball and basketball, and enjoying ice pops! 

I also have books assigned for summer reading, but other than that, we will let life and the farm be our classroom this summer! Aside for our church day camp, we do not have much formally scheduled this summer either. I don’t want to fill up our schedule with endless places to run. I want to be able to get together with friends, take day trips, or just enjoy the farm. No schedule needed! 😉

I am also holding a ladies prayer group this summer at my home every week. You can listen to my podcast about this here–>Starting a Ladies Prayer Group.

Lastly, we are busy preparing for the retreat NEXT month. I am working on my sessions to talk about simplifying. It is a very exciting time. If you are joining us, make sure you are a member of the facebook event page to stay up to date on the details AND that I have your email address. We are sending out emails to update each attendee as it gets closer. If you haven’t registered but are planning to come, please do so ASAP. We will have to close registration soon! 
Don’t miss out!

Happy Sumer!

How are you keeping it simple this summer?


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