It’s Almost August…


It’s almost August.

The feeling changes in the air.

The excitement and anticipation of summer…the long days, the late nights, the fireflies, the ice cream, the expectancy….has now faded and become the usual. The nights are just a bit shorter, the things we waited for are becoming familiar.

August. The month where we live still in summer, yet with an eye on the next month knowing it will soon be over….

I see the age of thirteen pretty much the same as August….

The baby days I dreamed of, the days of childhood, the excitement of beginning a journey….now these things have become the usual..and we are just like in August….still in childhood, yet a foot is now into the door of adulthood…just like summer…it will soon be over…

In August I consciously tell myself not take for granted the beautiful summer mornings, the birds chirping to wake me…not to take for granted the ice cream nights, the popsicle stained faces, the muddy prints in the house….

…because soon summer will be over.  I try to relish in every moment…always with one eye on the next month…knowing this will soon be a memory.

Just like August I am feeling the same way about my teenager…on the cusp of a new chapter. One foot still in summer…or in childhood…..trying to consciously enjoy it all…knowing all too well it will soon be over…

We are at the point where I have a glimpse of the end in sight. I am no longer the naive new mommy thinking babyhood and childhood is forever…knowing that, just like August, the days are getting shorter…the sun is setting on summer…and on childhood…

Only…August will come again…next year…

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