Simplify- It is More Than Just a Buzz Word

Simplify. I have been writing about this word for almost 5 years now. Wow. My journey has changed, my life has taken lots of twists and turns, but at the core of my soul, is still this need. The need to keep it simple.

I still question everything…

“Is this worth it? Is this necessary? What is the eternal value?” Truly. I find myself still asking those questions.

Whether it is in homeschool, homemaking or just life stuff…I am always seeking to simplify.

Less is more.

And simplify is certainly a buzz word these days. So many of us are feeling the need for less, and the clutter and excessiveness choke us at times. Face it, our society is a society of abundance. We want it all, and we want it big. We want more. We want extra. We want excessive.

And for me, when things start to get excessive, I start to feel distant. I see the excess come between my Savior and me. Because He tells me to carry a light load and to give up all this world for Him. So before long, all of the extras start to get in the way of Him and me.

We moved into a bigger house this year. Bigger property.  More room for friends and family, and more space to enjoy His Creation. I love it. By far, it is more than I ever asked or dreamed. At times though, I wrestle. It just feels so overwhelmingly more than we asked for. Yet, I know our hearts are to use it for good purposes. Yet it is all too easy to get caught up in thinking this worldly pleasure is the be all end all. When it is not…eternity is.

Simplicity is more than a fad, and more than a reaction to the excessive world we live in. It is a deliberate focus on God and eliminating the worldliness from our souls, so that it doesn’t crowd Him out.

Simplifying for me is about eliminating distractions from this world and focusing on Him. That is why I am simply living…for Him.

Less stuff, means less to manage. Less stuff, means more time for doing real things.

Less stuff. More Jesus.

Yes, that is what simplifying is all about.

Join me?

To Read 20 Things You Can Do to Simplify NOW…Click here!

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