No Apologies for a Simple Life

Sometimes we feel we need to justify our reasons for a simpler life. I offer no apologies for my choices.  Today, and always, I will choose simple.

Because we do that sometimes…we feel we need to justify our choices, and why aren’t doing this or that…but no, I choose to follow where God leads, and not people.

Our life has been anything but calm lately. Family emergencies and illness remind us though just how precious life is, and we only get one shot at it. God has given us this gift, however many years long it will be, and I don’t want to take it for granted.

That is why more than ever, I am holding onto our simple days.  Yet, simple doesn’t mean we aren’t productive and bearing fruit. We haven’t been running around this year with a too full schedule; running to things that we think we need to do, in order to have a “fulfilled life. ” Or things we think we need to do, in order to keep up with the world around us. We have not been getting too distracted with busyness or extras. We have been focused.  Time at home has been fruitful. Homeschool has been somewhat smooth, and we are trying to keep our eyes where they belong, and not on things of the world.

Lately our simple days have looked like this: Bible time first. Then we do our history readings together and any other discussions. Next is indivual work. I’m loving the time with my kindergartner. I know he is the last little one, so each milestone is that much sweeter. I take so much delight in our little lessons together.

After lunch we all read together. This week is Hans Christian Anderson.  Then there’s lots of free time after work is done, and time for exploring individual interests. This week has also been lots of time in the snow! One day a week we are out for the whole day, but the rest are much more relaxed. Some days we go to the library, errands, and visits with friends.

I take my time to work on my writing and my blogs, and my business tasks. I don’t yearn for the busyness or the hub bub. Nope, when things of life and death are going on around you, suddenly the things that seemed big, fall away until you see clearly what matters most. People, love, relationships, God. Eternal things matter. Temporal things fade quickly.

Right now I focus daily on my family. I am focusing on the connections and people I will meet at my speaking engagments this spring. I am focusing on my work at home and in the community. I am spending time with the Lord.

Why does it take a tragedy to remind us of the truly important? I pray to live like each moment is my last, and be bold. I want my life to scream JESUS! When people remember me they will not say, “She was so busy. She was always running around. She was always stressed.” NO. I want them to say, “She loved the Lord and served Him well with the time she had.” That is a race run well.

So, I bask in the beauty of each simple day that allows me to focus on those things and running that race well. Storing up treasures where they belong.

New podcast episode! 

Thanks to Farmhaus Studios, I’m rockin’ the new podcast equipmen! Come and listen to the latest episode.“With family opposition, my own pride and insecurities, the odds were stacked against me…but GOD prevailed! I sought out on this journey for “just one year.” Now, I haven’t looked back, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

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