What God is Teaching Me Through Algebra

Oh, Algebra. How I loathed you. Yet, I am slowly learning to like you…

You see, this year my daughter started Algebra. We have always used Math-U-See and for the most part, it has been a breeze. Sure, as she got older there were some sticky parts, but we always got through mostly unscathed. Until Algebra came along…

Tears. Lots of tears. Sometimes even from Mommy 😉

I realized that math was really getting nitty gritty now. No longer could my daughter watch the DVD, do the lesson, and then have me correct where she went wrong. Because this time when she went wrong, I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t understand this stuff myself!

So, I started watching the DVDs with her…and learning the lessons alongside her. That helped tremendously because I relearned it, and now could now explain it…

I would think to myself, “Wasn’t it enough that I had to learn this once in high school, but now I have to learn it over again?”

And then it hit me. God is always, always teaching me through homeschool…and so much more than Algebra….

God teaches us hard lessons so often in life. Then time passes, and we don’t need those lessons anymore, and we forget. (like Algebra…I mean, who needs it? 😉

And then, one day we are back in that place where life gets hard. And He needs to reteach us lessons from the past. We no longer can just get through it with what we think we know…we need to go back and relearn the lessons. Like Algebra.

So, maybe relearning Algebra isn’t really about Algebra for me. It is about recognizing God in so many things. He teaches us the hard lessons, and sometimes we need to go through them again so we can get close to the teacher again and really listen in. We need to relearn hard lessons to grow.

So today, I am grateful for Algebra. I am grateful that I am relearning something from the past, and have recognized the simple lesson He is teaching me. Sometimes, the second time around is the time that matters.

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