Simplify Challenge #3

Simplifying and minimalism are sort of buzz words these days. We live in such a material laden culture that naturally at some point it becomes saturated and people end up looking to scale down. The pendulum swings.

For me, simplifying is about so much more than just reducing clutter and minimizing though. So what is the difference between minimalism and simply living for Him?

The heart.

Simply living for Him is about having more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.  It is about storing treasure in heaven and not on earth. It is about shifting our focus upward. The heart of simplifying is truly important because often our clutter, our excess, or our overload is a symptom of a heart that needs to regain focus on God.

Simply Living for Him starts in the heart.

Anything that comes before God becomes an idol. Anything that takes the place of Him needs to go. Our culture is so noisy and material laden, that is very easy for our focus to get lost.

When we crave more stuff, it shows we aren’t satisfied in Him.

Simply Living for Him is about shifting our focus back to our first love. When our hearts are set on Him, and we are truly putting him first, all of the other things fall into their proper place. Our desires won’t be to fill up on more things, but on Him. We won’t fill our minds with endless information, but on the Word.

Simply living for Him isn’t something we just do, 
it is a way to live.

We won’t need to worry about constantly fighting clutter because we have shifted our focus to need Him, and not stuff. We shift our focus on what He says, and not what the world says.

I challenge you this week. Turn off the noise. Seek Him. Let your priorities become in line with what the Word tells us, not the world tells us.

I challenge you to seek Him above all. I challenge you to get to know Him above all.

Start each day in the Word no matter what. The first thing you read in the morning before any emails, texts, etc. should be His very Word. It will start your mindset off in the right place.

Do it. Vow to start your day with your heart lined up where it needs to be. Start your day in His Word before anything else has a chance to steal your heart. Fill your mind with Him and let Him fill your heart.

Realize that Jesus is enough. He is all that matters at the end of the day and at the end of this life. Earthly time is short and eternity is forever. Grasp that concept and get to know Him-

Let me know how it goes. Join the conversation on facebook. I promise, you will be transformed. His Word is powerful and active and it will transform your thinking and your heart.

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