Virginia Adventures (Part 2)

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Ok, So as I told you all yesterday, Satan was hitting me hard right before my presentation at HEAV. Well, here is what happened:
I have always had fears that something would go wrong with my computer or power point. Well, I was about to stand the test. Walking into the room for my presentation, I saw that there was no projector for my presentation. I figured, someone would arrive soon with one. Well, it was 10 minutes before starting time, and the likelihood of that was less and less as the moments ticked by. Then, my gracious hostess went and found someone, and they returned telling me there would be no projector.

ACK! I truly didn’t want to present without the power point because I know some people are really visual learners and need a visual during the talk. Besides, who would want to look at ME for the full hour? People NEED something to look at!

As I stood, there I realized there was no choice. I had to present without it. I had such peace though. No panic. Just peace. I knew God had a plan for this time. I had prayed over this session and those in attendance for so long. I had no worries.

I apologized to the audience and started talking. When I speak to a large group, I always feel like I’m just sitting and chatting with my friends…and before I knew it, time was up. The audience was engaged the whole time and it seemed to have gone well. After all, when I am sharing my heart, and the message God has placed on my heart, I feel so much excitement!

presenting Simplifying Homeschool

Nothing ever prepares me for the humbling experience of “after the talk.” Moms (and Dads!) kept coming up to my table and telling me the talk was a blessing. I didn’t need the power point, they said! It was such a surreal experience to hear so many beautiful comments. Some moms were crying. I hugged some, laughed with some, and relished in what GOD does. He uses a little ‘ol mom like me to minister to others.

When I came home, an attendee shared her notes on Instagram…how cool is this?

I am so grateful And so blessed.

The next day, I returned to present Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know. This time I did have a projector, and it went very well. All those new families just starting out…it was so beautiful to be able to share with them my journey and everything I have learned. I loved hugging all of them!

There is nothing like connecting with real families in real life. Ministering to these families is such a gift. I don’t deserve it, but God has given me this gift. And I intend to use it. I am planning more for 2015 and growing my ministry more than ever. To God Be All the Glory!!!

Tomorrow I will share about our adventures after the convention to Williamsburg and Jamestown and Yorktown. Don’t miss it..Yorktown is where I visited four years ago and was inspired to begin this blog…Simply Living for Him….I came full circle…only to be quite surprised upon my visit to Yorktown in what I saw there. Be sure to check back.

my little guy carrying Yoda with him wherever we went

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