The ONE Constant

It’s been a roller coaster few weeks here. For a girl who craves the simple life, it has been anything but that. We are in the process of moving and that alone is complicated. It’s the final stretch of the school year, I am working on my presentations for HEAV in June, baseball season began, and there’s just so much to do. The list goes on and on…

Life is funny. Just when we think we have one thing figured out, we have ten more curve balls thrown at us. Therefore, I must focus on the ONLY constant that exists. God. He is there whether I am in the midst of moving boxes, tears, or fears. He is there when all is well and the sun shines on my face while I play catch with my son in the yard. He is there when I am terrified, and He is there when I am feeling strong.

Oh what a thought. He never leaves. He remains. He continues to lead me when I think I can’t go on. He is always there.

I am so grateful that  even though my emotions change on the drop of a dime these days, He never changes. His promises remain. His mercy, His love, and His power are there.

He is my hope when I am feeling hopeless. He is my power when I have run on empty.

I know He is working and I also know I have an enemy that is set on distracting me from what really matters these days. I must keep my eyes on HIM and not on the details that can distract me. His promises are true.

So while the world seems to spin around me, I will not focus on stopping it from spinning, but seeing Him within it. What is He teaching me through this? What does He want me to learn? How can I grow? Mostly, how can I become more like Him each day, and less of myself. I want to live HIS way and not mine. Surrendered and complete…in Him.

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