Linger Over the Moments…

Last night I laid with my baby girl one last time before bed as a child. Today she wakes up a teenager…or a young lady as I like to refer to it.

Thirteen years has gone so fast, yet in ways so slow. So much has happened in those years since I was a young mother just starting out…

As I lay there with her, which I do most nights before bed, I realized I didn’t want to leave. I almost couldn’t bring myself to get up. Knowing this would be the last time before she reached a new milestone.

So often I race in to give her a kiss before bed and she asks me to lay with her, and I sometimes I do, but more than likely, it is a quick moment before I need to move on.

This time though it lasted. I lingered. I prayed. My mind went back to the little baby girl with the teeth stuck out from sucking her thumb…the little girl that slept with her “wa wa blankey” every night…the little baby who gave me so much joy…and continues to do so each day.

Linger moms. Linger over the moments. Life truly does go by so fast. Linger and squeeze those babies, whether they are in young lady bodies, or not…they are always babies.

Happy Birthday my dear girl. I love you. God loves you.

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