The Best Years of Our Life

“These are the best years of our life…” I say to my husband as the four giggly bodies go bouncing up the stairs for bed. Most nights, that is when I jump in and say, “Stop fooling around…get to bed…let’s go…no more giggling”

But not tonight.

I pause for a moment. I realize these giggles and these nights won’t last forever.

I normally do not enjoy winter, but this winter I have been enjoying our nightly routine. Before bed, we watch a movie or a show on Netflix…all snuggled in under blankets. Together. And we enjoy being together. I don’t take that for granted.

As they run up to bed giggling and playing around, I realize some day it will just be my husband and me. And my stomach drops. I look at him and say…”Someday it will just be us. It will be quiet and they will be off spending the evenings with their own families, making their own memories….”

This part of our life isn’t forever.

I vow to live in the moment, to take it all in…every giggle, every smile, every moment.

When I go to tuck everyone in, there are my three boys, all huddled on one bed…each reading a Popular Science magazine. I want to savor this moment. I try to snap a picture in the dark. I want to remember.

They enjoy being together. Three brothers reading, whispering…there is love.

These are the best years of our life…

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