I’m Offended When You Take Christ Out of Christmas…Celebrate Jesus…

I am in awe of those who celebrate the birth of my Savior, yet do not want to include His name in the celebration. People want the celebration without Jesus- it makes NO sense. 

It is the devil’s great work to distract us 

from one of the greatest moments in all of History.

When God Himself came down to earth as a man, 

to live and ultimately die, for us.

In a time when we should be anticipating with great joy…we find ourselves overcome with stress 

In a time when we should be quietly reflecting on this great day…we find ourselves running frantically

In a time when we should celebrate peace… we often see unsettledness

In a time when we celebrate the greatest treasure…we focus on spending money on things that don’t last

We watched a movie recently about this very thing and the line that stuck with me was…

“It’s like the whole world is having a birthday party, 
but the One whose birthday it is, isn’t invited.”

Yeah..pretty much sums it up.

The devil loves to distract us from Truth. Isn’t it ironic that a holiday all about Jesus, a lowly servant, with no money, home, or material items…who taught to love God over money, love God over things….has become about those very things?

People don’t want to be offended by adding Christ to Christmas? Yet that is WHO the day is about? 

I’m offended when you take CHRIST out of Christmas.

Besides, how is it offensive to share the Good News that Jesus offers us? To love people enough to let them know…He is the Way…the only way to eternal life? Maybe it is offensive, but I call it love. I love people enough to share with them the greatest gift there is…salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

Will you share the gift with others this Christmas?

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