Slow Down…

This world is so fast. It’s a busy whirlwind at times of motion, swirling by…media, life, it is all fast.  I see time going faster and faster as I get older. And I am reminded in eternity there is no time. Oh, Praise. There will be no measurement by which we feel like we can’t catch our breath. We will only be breathless from praise. That is comforting.

Days pass, months pass, and years pass here ever so quickly. We seem to have no patience anymore because things are at our fingertips instantaneously. Long gone are the days of slowly waiting, slowly enjoying, or slowly anticipating.

I see my kids and worry that they won’t know a world where we enjoy a moment. A moment that we have waited for. Where they have to wait for pleasures, and there isn’t instant gratification. Where patience is cultivated. I want them to know what it is like to slow down and enjoy moments.

In a world where Christmas is being celebrated practically as the kids are back in school, it seems like I am going against the grain. Each year people move quicker, and want to rush the moment. There is less time to savor, as we rush into the next season.

As we approach what can be a very busy season, I challenge you to slooooow down. Instead of frantically rushing about to tend to things that are details, focus on Him. Focus on the Creator, and not the created. Start each day in the Word. Before you do a single thing, or think a single thought…talk to Him. Read His Word. Then continue the conversation…throughout the day. Talk to Him. Notice His work. At evening thank Him.

This world will try and distract us from Him- don’t let busyness ever get in the way of your relationship with Him. He doesn’t care if we have the nicest decor, fanciest recipes, prettiest clothes. He cares that He has our hearts- and they are turned toward Him, wanting to do His work. This world can NEVER fill us. only He can.

I am thankful in this season of busyness that there will be no time in heaven. We will eternally not have to rush or to move quickly. We will just be, forever, in His presence. And while I am still here, I will intentionally take time to enjoy the moments He has given.

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