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Simplify, So You Can See…

I’ve been thinking so much lately about how life is frittered away by detail. I saw this quote on Pinterest and completely agree:

So much time is wasted on things that don’t matter. 
Life.Is.Short.  It truly is. Yesterday I was a new mom with a bundle on my chest. The day before that a small girl wondering what I would be when I grew up…
In a blink of an eye, my little girl is now growing into a young woman.
How much of our time is spent worry, fretting, or spending on details.
I have been thinking so much lately that I am not guaranteed another second after this one I am living right now. Am I making my life count? Better still, am I making it count for Him?
Sure our life is filled with details to be attended to, but are we so distracted by them, that we lose focus? This life is not it. It will end and eternity is a long time. An unfathomable amount of time, yet we continue to live like this is it. I am trying to keep in mind that I want to live as if there were no tomorrow. I want to tell my loved ones how I feel. I want to tell strangers the Truth of this life- there is hope in Jesus. I am asking God to make my life count. To be bold for Him. For if tomorrow came and I woke up in Glory, did I do enough on earth?

Life is short. Details should not distract. Simplify now, so you can see.
See the Truth. See the true meaning behind it all.
The most important things of this world are not things at all, but people….love…Truth.  Relationships matter. How we live for Him matters. May I keep my eyes fixed on Him, and not on the details that do not matter.
The most important things in life are not things at all…
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