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How Do I Stand Being with My Children All Day?

Reposting this oldie, but goodie!

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Somebody recently asked me (upon hearing that I homeschool) how I “stand” being with my children all day. A little taken aback, I didn’t quite know how to reply, and did sort of murmer out how it isn’t always easy but we enjoy each other. Afterwards I worried, did I sound judgemental, did I answer in gentleness, was I loving or defensive.  In the end, I was just sad. Sad that our society sees kids as something extra. An accessory. Something to even get away from during the day.

Now I am not going to try and sound like everyday is roses. There are many days where it is hard. Especially in the winter. Yet, isn’t any job? Does every job come with ease? Or any ministry for that matter? However, I see this job as such a privilege. Such a calling. Such a ministry. Raising my kids and teaching them. It is a wonderful gift.

Asking how I stand being with my kids implies that if I went to work, I’d rather be with my co-workers than my family. Or if I sent them to school, I’d rather be alone.  It just makes me sad. Children are a blessing. It is a huge responsibility to raise them. It is a huge opportunity that God has given me, and I don’t want to waste it by trying to wish it away or escape it.

There are many days when it is easy to have a negative attitude, but perspective matters. I wrote this on my Simply Living for Him facebook page

I don’t know why I act surprised when there is laundry to do. Everyday. Or the dishes are in a continuous cycle of load and unload the dishwasher. Moms….these things are never going to go away, so why do we grumble that we have to do them? If I adjust my attitude and recognize that my work and my service at this season of life is to serve my family, then I am free to JOYFULLY do these tasks, knowing that I am serving my family and the Lord. It is a blessing to be a mom. Full laundry means we are clothed and we have a family to take care of. See it as a blessing. See it as a privilege. Perspective matters mamas! Like I tell my kids…schoolwork isn’t going anywhere for 12+ years, so complaining about it won’t make it go away. Instead, consider the task at hand as work from the Lord, practice gratitude, and serve joyfully…For the LORD ♥

Isn’t that the truth? If we could see children (after all they ARE the next generation) as worthy of being with, and serving our family as actually serving the Lord, wouldn’t it change our attitude? I hope my children never heard the lady ask how I “stand” being with them. I would never want them to think of themselves as less than worthy of being with.

And for the lady that asked me, it isn’t her fault. Her perspective is what our society teaches these days. That children are a burden rather than a blessing. A chore rather than work that produces good fruit.

So I ask God to give her grace, to give me grace, and to never forget in a few short years, all of this will be over…the kids will be grown and I will be alone or able to choose my daily company. Yet for now, I will choose them, and I will enjoy this time of my life and I will do more than “stand” my children, I will embrace them.

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