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Christmas Miracle

This is one of those posts that I have been composing in my head for days. Now that it’s being typed, my fingers are shaking. It’s just one of those things my humanness can not grasp.

Yet one day, in glory with my Savior, it will all make sense. For now, it is a glimpse of heaven. A glimpse of Him. A glimpse of the eternal love He has for His people.
Let me back up a bit. Last week was a hard week. My husband has been laid off for two months, and the last paycheck is coming quick. We have known all along that God has a purpose in all of this, and that He will work it all for good. Yet many prayers for where we should be, or what we should be doing, seemed unanswered and we were discouraged. Knowing too, that our income is dwindling, just added to the discouragement. At times I felt overwhelmed. In fact a heaviness was upon me that I have not felt in a very long time.
I can’t really even make sense of all the things that happened this week or begin to get them all in words, but at the center of it all is this:

We experienced a miracle. Some may call it a Christmas miracle. All I know is, it is fully God’s hand revealing Himself to us, and He did so through His people.
On Saturday we were not home all day. We were actually visiting with our pastor who had recently left our church. We had a really encouraging visit and received wise counsel about so many things on our mind. Feeling uplifted, we came home to find a note in our mailbox from the post office. We had a certified letter that was needing our signature. Since we weren’t home, we would have to pick it up on Monday.
Monday. It’s only Saturday. To me, it may as well been a year. Immediately I figured it was something really bad. Only two things I could think of- we owed money or someone was suing us.  Immediately all of my uplifted feelings were drained out, and my mind turned to worry.
Well, Monday morning came and as soon as the post office was opened, my husband drove over to see what awaited us. All I could think was it was more bad news. 
Minutes later the phone rang. My husband had the letter in his hand. He told me it was hand written with the return address being ours. When he opened it, there was a plain piece of paper with this verse:
Within the paper, he also found an enormous gift. 
“What?” was all I could scream when he told me what it was. I literally dropped to my knees sobbing. My 11 year old came running to see if everything was alright. She was scared because I was sobbing.
All I could answer was, “God is so good.”
My husband came home and we spent the day in sort of a daze. We just could not believe it.
Someone sent us a huge gift knowing our need. Yet it was so much more than the gift. It was God showing Himself to us through this person. This person took great measure to remain anonymous from the return address to the plain writing.  This person truly wanted God to get the glory.
When people act not through human strength and only through God’s it is so obvious. This person did just that.
I felt God telling me He will provide. Here I was sure the letter was bad news, and never expecting good. Yet, God showed me how wrong I am in my humanness.

I needed encouragement at that very moment.
 And He literally came  and gave it to me. God’s love is so great, and it is in this way that His people truly reveal that love. This was not an act of humanness. In our humanness, we just don’t do this sort of thing. The person was clearly working by God’s spirit.
Then that evening, my husband was at a meeting for church. Afterwards, one of the ladies asked him to unload something from her car. Well, it turns out he was to unload several loads of groceries from her car to his. For us. When I asked her the next day if the food was from her or the church, she did not reply. I told her that I wanted to know who to thank, and she said, “Just thank God.”
 That is God working. 
A million other little things happened this week that were also evidences of God showing Himself to me.  All reminders that He is here and all I need to do is trust. Even when things don’t seem to be going our way He knows what is best. Always.
Just like how God came down from heaven at Christmas to show us how to live through Jesus, He came this week through His people to show me His love. In action. The hands and feet of Jesus were busy this week in my life through His people.
There is nothing more beautiful.
So while our earthly future is still uncertain, I will remain full of hope for I know my eternal future. I can rest in Him because I have seen Him through this miracle.

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