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Random Acts of Christmas Kindness–A Lesson in Service

I am over at Home Educating Family today sharing about random acts of kindess…

Last year, after reading an article about random acts of kindness, I decided to begin a tradition with my children for Advent. With so many Advent traditions focused on counting down the days until our Savior’s birth with a little treat or gift each day, we wanted to do the opposite. We wanted to spend each day blessing someone who was a blessing to us!

We had a great time delivering cookies to the librarian, leaving a quarter in the shopping cart deposit for the next person at the grocery store, leaving dollars in the toy section of the dollar store, as well as many others. This was a life lesson in our “homeschool” for the month of December, and quite frankly a lesson that I would much rather my children learn than anything found in a textbook.

Part of having my children home is that I can teach them how to love others and love them well. Spending each day with siblings and parents gives us many challenging opportunities to practice putting others first and loving them. The same lessons need to be learned for those outside of our family as well. I want my children to learn to serve, and learn to put others first always.

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