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Top Ten Must Have Items for Homeschooling

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Every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks, I will be praticipating in the “Ten Weeks of Top Ten Lists.” Each week a different top ten list will be posted. Today’s list is “Top 10 Must Have Items for Homeschooling.” Please visit iHomeschool Network for all of the participants’ top ten! I am sure you will be blessed by finding many new sites to enjoy. Also visit Angie of Many Little Blessings  to link up your own top ten list with her Top Ten Tuesday.

Here is my list of Top Ten Items for Homeschooling.
They are pretty straightforward and simple items, but things I must have!

1. Bible- This speaks for itself. I am here because of God, and I will not get through a single day without Him. We read the Bible together in the morning and after lunch as a family. There is no book that is more important in our homeschool.

2. Library Card-We use our local library every week-there is no better FREE resource!

3. Laptop- at my fingertips is a network of other homeschoolers, friends, and family. I can access millions of resources and can find the answer to an question in 0.004 seconds. Amazing. Visit my post from last week about the Top 10 Homeschool websites to find the websites I visit often in our homeschool.

4. Friends. Yup, it’s on my list. Can’t homeschool without the amazing support of so many homeschooling friends. I have particular friends that I can email, text, or call anytime of they day, and they would stop everything to come and pray with me if needed. Once a week, I get together with those friends to pray together.

5. Great living books. Text books are dry and dead. Living books make the subject come alive. We love reading good historical fiction, and living books for science as well.

6. Outside. Yup, I’m simple over here. Seriously my kids are outdoors all the time. It is the best classroom around.

7. My husband. Having my husband’s support if a must have, and from day one he has been on board. He is very involved in our homeschooling.

8. The Ulitmate Homeschool Planner, by Debra Bell. I bought this at the Apologia Live Retreat this year and I love it. I love it because before each weekly planning pages there are planning sheets to go back over your week and evaluate. You list evidences of grace, accomplishments, etc. There is also space for Bible verses for the week, prayers, etc. LOVE. IT.

9. Kid’s computer. I have my laptop, but the kids also have a computer that they use for computer art, power point presentations, Word, etc. Having them able to learn various programs and skills in a must these days.

10. Lots and lots of craft supplies. All kids want to be creative. Giving them plenty of outlets to get messy, be creative, and use crafts is a must for learning around here.

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